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Another major carrier is launching its 5G network next month

We’ve been talking about 5G technology for quite a while now. Since it’s almost here for real, be prepared for it to change your life.

How can a faster internet speed change your life, you ask? Tap or click here to understand what 5G can mean to you.

Some carriers have released 5G already, but now another major carrier is about to launch its 5G network — next month in fact!

5G is on the way

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced the company will launch its 5G network on Dec. 6. It had already started rolling out its 5G network in a few select cities, but we can now expect it to be more widespread.

Legere said when its new network launches, it will cover 200 million customers and will be 10 times faster than current LTE speeds.

The problem customers will run into is, at the moment, T-Mobile only has two 5G-compatible phones: the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.


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Why you should be excited about 5G

First, the good news: Speed addicts will be happy as 5G network provides download speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. Smartphones are just one small piece of the 5G revolution. The blazing-fast speeds on our phones will be enjoyable, but the real future of 5G is in connecting all the pieces of our world together.

Self-driving cars could talk to each other, making them safer and more reliable. Augmented-reality glasses could give us a new way of looking at the world around us. A company can send data to all of its employees in seconds. Workers will get blink-of-an-eye access to documents, photos and files in a 5G Cloud.

You’ll be able to download a movie in less time than it takes to butter your popcorn. We’re getting closer to a more exciting sci-fi-style future, and the seeds for that will be planted as 5G expands into reality.


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One downside to this new technology is you’re going to need to buy a new phone to take advantage of it. Don’t worry, the devices you have now will still work on 5G networks, but they won’t deliver the amazing speeds you’ll get with a 5G phone.

Keep that in mind if you’re about to upgrade. Make sure your new gadget is 5G capable.

Unfortunately, Apple fans are going to be disappointed. The earliest iPhone with 5G technology isn’t expected to be released until 2020. Tap or click here to learn about Apple’s 5G progress. App background

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