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Annoyed with Netflix’s new ads? Here’s how to opt out

A few days ago, we gave you the scoop about Netflix’s “experiment” of bringing advertising to its platform.

As we reported earlier, the tests appear to be less about creating additional revenue than promoting other Netflix shows.

By inserting trailers between episodes, the streaming giant stated that its plan is to try help its subscribers discover new content they may be interested in. However, binge-watchers are balking at this idea. In-house trailers or not, these ads can ruin the flow of an extended marathon of your favorite show.

Fortunately, there’s a way to opt out of these test ads. Read on and learn how.

How to opt-out of Netflix’s ad tests (for now)

To opt out of the new ads (and Netflix’s feature preview tests, in general), you can turn off “Test Participation” on your account. This acts like beta tests for Netflix’s new features. Note: This is set to “On’ by default to all subscribers.

1. Log on to your Netflix account on a web browser or your mobile app.

2. In your mobile app, tap the three horizontal lines on the bottom left labeled “More” or if you’re on a web browser, click your profile picture on the top right of the page.

3. Tap or click on “Account.”

4. Scroll down then tap or click on the section called “Test Participation.”

5. On the Test Participation page, simply toggle it to “Off” then tap or click “Done.”

For, this will turn off the in-between episode ads and it will also prevent Netflix from pushing other feature previews to your account in the future.

However, if the preview ads move beyond the testing phase, expect them to show up across the board even if you’ve opted out of test participation. With all the complaints we’ve been hearing about this feature, we’re hoping that Netflix will reconsider.

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