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Amazon’s Echo Look speaker now with a built-in camera for sale in the U.S.

It can be really frustrating trying to pick the right outfit. There are so many things to consider, be it where you are going, who you are going with and, of course, the latest fashion trends.

Friends and family can help, but if they are not around it can be a bit of a guessing game. Do you hit up the internet to get an idea, or just take the plunge, pick something and hope for the best?

If none of that works for you, there is another option. It is Amazon Echo Look, and it is there to help you look your best.

Help is just a request away

Previously available only through invites, Amazon’s Echo Look can now be bought in the United States. But what, exactly, is the Echo Look?

Along with providing the traditional benefits of an Echo with Alexa, Echo Look is a digital “style assistant” who will help you see just how you look in whatever outfits you are trying. It will serve as your friend who couldn’t make it over to help.

That’s right, using your voice it can take full-length photos as well as six-second videos of your daily look in order to help build your own personal style.

With a hands-free camera featuring LED lighting, depth sensing and computer vision-based background blur, it will make sure your outfits stand out. The camera will let you see yourself from every angle in the Echo Look app, with photos and videos of you rocking your outfits.

Still not sure which you should go with? With “Style Check” Echo Look can provide a second opinion, using machine learning algorithms as well as fashion experts to, in about a minute, tell you which outfit to go with and why.

From there, you can organize your looks into collections that can be shared with friends. Those friends could use it, too.

Echo Look can be used by multiple people, all of whom would set up their unique profiles in the Alexa app.

Remember, it is also like a normal Echo

While Echo Look can help with your outfit, it can also do what you’d expect of an Echo. It will keep a calendar for you, provide the news, play some music and apprise you of the weather, all at your voice’s request.

However, in comparison to a normal Echo, its speaker is small. At 1.6 watts, it is about the same as what you would hear from a smartphone, so if you are looking for something to fill the room with sound you are probably better off with a different model.

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