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Amazon Prime Day date may have been leaked

For many, Amazon Prime Day is a sort of holiday. Usually in July, it is a time when the popular online retailer has some monster sales.

Everything from Echos to televisions to so many other things will be discounted, with some being marked down so much you’d feel like a fool for not buying. Not surprisingly, Prime Day is one of the more highly-anticipated shopping days of the year.

The thing is, we still do not yet know when it will be. Or, at least Amazon hasn’t officially announced the date.

A date has been leaked

Thanks to Amazon UK we know — or at least we believe — Prime Day will be on July 16. The date was released when a banner image was posted to the site, one that said, “Starts at noon, 16 July.”

Under that was a note that read, “An epic day (and a half) of our best deals,” which makes it pretty clear what the image is referring to.


This may have been a mistake, yes. Then again, it could also have been intentional so as to increase the buzz surrounding the event, which everyone knew was getting closer.

When asked, an Amazon spokesman told “Business Insider” that Prime Day will return, but offered no additional details.

Until Amazon makes the date official, things could in theory change, but we would not expect them to. So, it’s probably a good idea to start preparing for Prime Day, as it is just a few weeks away.

That’s great, but what is Prime Day?

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Prime Day is an annual tradition that began in 2015 when Amazon set aside a specific day to offer all kinds of crazy deals. Everything from Amazon’s own products to random electronics, gadgets and items were heavily discounted, much to the delight of consumers.

The first Prime Day was not without its clunkiness, but overall it was such a success that Amazon decided to do it again and again and again.

Available to people who are signed up for Amazon Prime, the sales will come in a couple different forms. There are the standard sales, with simple price drops, as well as what are known as “Lightning Deals.”

Lightning Deals come and go rather quickly, with the products often times being clearance items that there are not many of left.

Along with the officially announced date, we also do not know what products will be on sale during Prime Day. But it’s a safe bet that things like the Amazon Kindle, Firestick and Echo will be discounted, as will other desired electronics and gadgets.

As for how much things will be discounted, we don’t yet know. But studies have shown that generally, Amazon offers better deals on Prime Day than it does on Black Friday. Of course, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and regarded as the shopping day of the year.

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