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Amazon launches free streaming service, but there’s a catch

The year 2019 may become the year of the streaming service. If you thought you had endless options already, get ready for more streaming options from AT&T, Disney, Apple and, the most recent, Amazon. Seems like everyone wants a piece of Netflix’s pie.

Amazon just launched a new, free streaming service through IMDb. But there is a catch that you might not like.

What is IMDb Freedive?

You’ve probably heard of IMDb. It stands for the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), and it’s owned by Amazon.

Well, the company’s free streaming service is called IMDb Freedive, and it is available in the U.S. on the IMDb website via laptop or personal computer and all Amazon Fire TV devices. (PssT! If you have an Amazon Fire TV device, IMDb Freedive is already available on it as a menu option.)

Now for the part that you might not like. The reason the new service is free is that it’s ad-supported. Which means you’ll have to sit through some commercials to take advantage of the free content. But for the low-low price of free, it’s probably worth a try.

You can stream hit TV shows like “The Bachelor,” “Heroes” and “Fringe.” There are free movies, too. Hollywood hits include “Awakenings,” “Memento,” “The Last Samurai” and more without having to pay for a subscription.

How to find free content on IMDb

There’s actually a web page already set up for IMDb Freedive. Tap or click here if you want to check it out.

You’ll find plenty of free content to choose from, including TV shows and top rated movies. Movies are even broken down into categories like action and adventure, comedies, drama, movies for the whole family, and more.

There’s even some IMDb original content that you can stream for free. Just one more reason to cut the cord.

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