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Amazon Kindles are on sale like never before

Since being released in November 2007, the Amazon Kindle has been known as one of the best tablets around. Great for taking books on the go — without actually needing the books — they have been a go-to device for everyone from the avid to casual reader.

Like any technology, the Kindle has undergone many changes, with color screens and other features being made available. But at its core the Kindle is meant for reading, and it certainly does a great job at helping us do that.

Near the top of the line for the Kindle is the Voyage model, which has a number of features that make it a great choice. Because of that it’s usually quite pricey, but right now can be found at a discount.

If you’re looking to buy, now might be time

That’s right, the Kindle Voyage E-reader is on sale, with a price drop not normally seen. The thinner, lighter e-reader provides a 6-inch, high-resolution 300 ppi display that reads more like a printed page.

Its micro-etched glass screen is designed to eliminate glare as well as feel like paper to the touch.

Its adaptive front light ensures ideal brightness no matter the time of day and, along with the screen. The Voyage also offers PagePress, which allows you to turn the page without ever lifting a finger. Just apply pressure on the bezel and the page will turn.

Its battery will last for weeks, and if you are an Amazon Prime member you will be able to read thousands of titles for free. There is also Kindle Unlimited, which provides more than 1 million titles. That costs $9.99 per month, though your first 30 days can be free.

If all this interests you — and let’s be honest, it should — then you will be interested to know right now the Kindle Voyage is just $149.99, which if you have been looking for a while is a price you know to be very, very low.

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