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Amazon hiring 120,000 holiday workers, how you can apply

It’s hard to imagine the holidays are right around the corner. Retailers are already gearing up, hoping for a good shopping season.

Hiring enough workers continues to be a challenge for many stores. With unemployment being down, the competition could be fierce this holiday season.

Amazon has an ambitious plan to hire 120,000 U.S. seasonal workers in 33 states to help fill millions of orders. It’ll nearly double their workforce at its fulfillment centers, customer service sites and sorting centers.

The online retailer hired the same number of temporary workers last year and brought on 100,000 workers for the 2015 holiday season. Overall, Amazon employs more than 200,000 permanent U.S. employees.

With the unemployment rate being the lowest since 2001 at 4.2 percent, retailers could have a struggle on their hands filling positions. However, the Labor Department said there are just over 6 million unfilled job openings, unchanged from the month before. More than one in 10 of those openings are in retail.

Target plans to add 100,000 temporary holiday workers with Macy’s adding 80,000 temporary workers.

Walmart plans to fill the void for more seasonal help by giving more hours to existing part-time workers as opposed to hiring temporary employees.

How to apply at Amazon

Amazon makes it fairly easy to apply for a seasonal job. Click here to apply online.  

If you’re looking for a permanent job, click here.

How to work at home for

Another perk of working during the holidays at Amazon is that you can work from home, depending on the position. Click here to learn more. App background

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