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5 Amazon Easter weekend deals you don’t want to miss

For many, Easter weekend is a time for family, reflection and giving thanks. There are good meals, good services and good times.

While not necessarily an Easter tradition, there can also be some really good shopping deals. As anyone who ever visits knows, there is no shortage of items to choose from. Some you may need and others you may want, but regardless, they are there to be had.

We understand that this weekend is probably a busy one for you, so none of us expect you to sort through the entire site trying to find something good. Instead, we’ve put together a list of five great deals you will not want to miss.

One hub does all

We all have so many devices these days that they can be tough to keep track of. Even worse, we don’t always have enough room on our computer to plug them all in at the same time.

With the FINISK USB C Hub, that problem is a thing of the past. The small box is incredibly powerful, featuring ports for every kind of device you could think of. USB, HDMI, Micro USB, VGA, it’s all there in a slim and compact design.

Perfect for someone who is often on the go or does not have the benefit of working with a desktop computer, it works with Mac OSX 10.6 or higher as well as devices that run at least Windows XP or Chrome OS.

Make sure your ingredients are measured accurately

You might be getting ready to prep a big Easter feast! Anyone who has spent any time in a kitchen understands the importance of having the proper amount of each ingredient. Put in too little or too much of any one thing, and everything could be ruined.

Snag an Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale and that will no longer be an issue. Complete with a removable bowl and an 11 lb/5kg capacity, its high precision strain gauge sensors will provide you an accurate weight every time. It’s fine if you don’t want to use the bowl, because this scale will allow you to measure other containers with the same kind of accuracy.

More than just a scale, it also has a temperature sensor and alarm timer to help you with other kitchen tasks, and the LCD screen makes it easy to read. Stylish, you will not be afraid to leave it on your counter top between uses.

Solar charging for someone who spends their time outdoors

There’s nothing quite like getting out of town and camping. Being away from the hustle and bustle and just relaxing in nature makes for a wonderful time, even if we can’t bring ourselves to totally disconnect from the world.

With that in mind it is imperative that we are able to keep our phones, tablets and other devices charged, which is easy to do in the wilderness with the Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger. Boasting PowerIQ technology, it will deliver charging speeds up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps total when placed in direct sunlight.

Highly portable and easy to hang on a backpack, tree or tent, the charger is incredibly durable and can connect to two devices at a time.

Lock up your things without a combination or key

Have you ever needed to unlock something but could not find your key or remember the combination? Of course you have. If only there was a way to do it anyway.

With the YAHEY Fingerprint Lock, you don’t need any key or combination as long as you have a fingerprint. The lock features low power consumption, meaning it will last about two years on a full charge while supporting 30,000 occurrences of unlock action.

The lock can be set to recognize up to 12 sets of fingerprints, making it perfect for an office or entire family. Small and lightweight, it is perfect for traveling, too.

Let there be light when you need it

Sometimes you need just a little bit of light in an otherwise dark room. Maybe you are trying to read something, or perhaps you just have a little more work you need to finish up.

Whatever the reason, the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is exactly what you need. It has five color modes with seven brightness levels for each. Its modern design lets it fit into any room, no matter the decor.

The lamp is also energy efficient, as it will reduce your electric bill up to 75 percent from a normal desk top lamp.

Good deals are great, but free stuff is even better

Free samples are fun. You get to test out products you might not otherwise try. Maybe you find a new favorite shampoo. Maybe you discover that floral-smelling perfume is just not right for you. You don’t have to head to a store to try out some free samples. Amazon wants to hook you up in the comfort of your own home, click here to learn how it works. App background

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