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Amazon Deals: Get into the fall spirit

Did you know fall is here? That’s right, one of the best seasons the calendar has to offer officially arrived on Saturday, September 22, and will last until Friday, December 21.

Of course fall means something different depending on where you live. For some, it means the leaves will change colors and begin to make their descent to the ground, while for others it’s just cooler, more pleasant weather or a time to change their clocks.

Whatever fall means to you, there are plenty of things you will want to have on hand in order to get the most out of the season. With that in mind, we’ve collected a list of five items you will want to have if you want to really enjoy the coming months.

Get the scent that just screams “fall”

A big part of anyone’s fall is the different scents the season brings. Step outside and you’ll notice it, and it can be so nice you’d like to bring it inside, too.

With this scented aromatherapy candle you can, bringing one of the season’s signature scents to your home. What would fall be without pumpkin?

This 8-oz. candle will provide a fresh pumpkin scent, with a hint of butter, sugar and other spices. But the pumpkin one, along with smelling nice, has oil that is infused with nutmeg and cinnamon leaf essential oils.

Make your home look like fall

For some, simply seeing fall colors outside is enough. For others, there is nothing quite like bringing that same atmosphere into their home.

For the latter group, there are plenty of different decorations to choose from. Something that is guaranteed to give your place that cozy feeling is the CraftMore Autumn 70 Inch Garland.

A 2-pack, its leaves are a variety of colors that will brighten up whatever room they are in. They are perfect for a mantel, door frame, stair banisters or really wherever you’d like to add a dash of fall. They are durable and can be bent into any shape you need.

Let your front door tell everyone what season it is

Sure, your home may look like fall on the inside. But what if you want people to know you are in the spirit of the season when they walk by?

A Fall Door Wreath is the perfect way to decorate, adding seasonal beauty to any entryway. Handcrafted, this one features warm earth tones and natural accents with artificial fall berries, red apples, faux sunflowers and fall leaves.

The wreath is roughly 22 inches across and 5 inches deep. Some pieces may fall off at times, but they can simply be glued back on.

Let your furry friend get in on the fun, too

For all the decorating you can do, nothing will be as nice as having a furry companion celebrating the season with you. If you have a dog, that means giving them a festive collar.

The Blueberry Pet Patterns Designer Dog Collars are perfect for the occasion. They come in small, medium or large sizes and are made of high-density polyester and nickel-free hardware.

The collar’s buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic, and they have a pumpkin decor that can be attached and detached at your preference.

Let fall light up your life

We all need some light in our homes, and there are various ways in which to get it. But to get it in a way that matches the season is not easy. Actually — yes, it is.

The Collections Etc. LED light up decorative pumpkin is a great way to uniquely show your fall spirit. The orange mercury glass contains lights and features sparkling glitter accents on the outside.

Perfect for a mantel shelf or as part of centerpiece, it will add some glamour to your seasonal decorating. Three button cell batteries come with it, and the light measures 9-inches wide and 7-inches tall.

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