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Alexa-enabled “Dash Wand” saves time and money at the grocery store

The big news in the business world last week was Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. Maybe they plan to redesign these stores and use them for their grab and go grocery store project, Amazon Go.

While they expand their physical presence in brick and mortar stores, Amazon is also making it easier for you to shop for groceries from home. You can wave a magic wand and food appears at your door!

The Amazon Dash Wand was actually released a few years ago. People used the device to scan the barcodes of food items in their homes or spoke into the device to verbally request an item. Then, customers would check out through the AmazonFresh website or mobile app and the food was delivered to their front door.

The new and improved Dash Wand has Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, built into it. So in addition to helping you restock your fridge and pantry, the wand can help you find new recipes, convert ingredient measurements, and tell you about restaurants nearby.

The wand costs $20 but once you register the device through the Alexa app, Amazon will add a $20 credit to your shopping cart. Unfortunately, it’s already out of stock but you can still place an order for it and it will be delivered once it’s available.

There are a few caveats that come along with owning the Dash Wand:

  • It’s exclusively reserved for Amazon Prime members only. Not sure what’s so great about Prime? Click here to read about all the perks.
  • You need to pay for an AmazonFresh subscription in order to have fresh groceries delivered to your home. However, Amazon is offering a free 90-day trial.
  • Not every Alexa ability is built into the wand. Amazon said that it cannot play music and customer reviews have stated that it can’t be used for any digital content.

It mainly functions as a kitchen helper but apparently not much else. However, Amazon is basically giving them away for free and the features seem to add convenience to your life. If the wand sounds like something you could use, then click here to place your order.

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