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3 most adorable optical illusions to test your eyes and train your brain in 2022

3 adorable optical illusions that will train your brain and make you say ‘Aww!’

Optical illusions are a great way to test your eyes, train your brain and even honor those who are gone. If the last one sounds surprising, wait until you see the adorable corgi-themed brainteaser made for Queen Elizabeth II. It’s one of the most adorable optical illusions the internet offers.

If you didn’t know, the recently-deceased queen adored dogs — and corgis were her favorite. In fact, she owned dozens of corgis over her 70-year reign. If you’re a dog lover, here’s how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes pet owners make.

Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, we have adorable brainteasers worth sharing with your friends. We even found a cute one with babies. If you spot what’s wrong with each picture, you’ll give your brain a challenging but fun workout!

1. First, try to find the hidden baby

This drawing is full of smiling babies. It’s sure to put a smile on any parent’s face. But amid these many bundles of joy, there’s something unique you need to look for.

You’ll notice that each one of these babies is fully awake. However, one baby in the group is sleeping.

Here’s a challenge: Try to find the sleeping baby.

Take your time and look closely. If you can’t find the sleeping baby immediately, you might need to beat an easier optical illusion as a warmup. Tap or click here to see if you can spot the real hidden owl among toy owls.

Here are three adorable optical illusions that will make your brain hurt. These eye optical illusion drawings are easy for beginners. Train your brain today!
There are babies in green and blue. Some are in pink cat costumes. But can you find the tired tyke hiding in the pile?

This British brainteaser comes from, which makes sense. As any parents with newborns know, “If the baby isn’t sleeping, then nobody is!”

Thus, a sleeping baby is a beautiful sight for parents with young children. It means you can finally relax and catch some shuteye of your own. But don’t let this optical illusion make you sleepy.

Instead, keep your eyes peeled and try to find the hidden baby. If you can’t find the tired tot, that’s okay. Here’s the answer:

This is one of the most adorable brainteasers the web has to offer. If you couldn't find the sleeping baby in this cute optical illusion, don't give up!
We circled the baby in red to help you find the answer. The sleeping baby is in the top-right corner.

Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t find the sleeping baby. He was hiding underneath the others. If you could spot him in less than a minute, then you’re ready to conquer the next eye test.

2. These sleeping kittens make up one of the most adorable optical illusions we found

This adorable image comes from The Dodo, the internet’s No. 1 resource for adorable animal pictures and videos.

A couple who fosters kittens took a bunch of adorable pictures of their newest littermates. One photo turned out to be an accidental brainteaser:

Even if you aren't a cat person, you can't deny that kittens are adorable. These three littermates make a surprisingly cute optical illusion.
What happened to the kitten’s head?

For a scary moment, it looks like the kitten in the middle doesn’t have a head.

Look a bit closer, and you’ll notice the cat is just sleeping in an awkward position. Her head is turned to the side, but how she curled her neck makes her look almost headless.

3. As the world mourns Queen Elizabeth II’s death, one artist celebrates her with a brainteaser

Here at Komando HQ, we’re big fans of Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, also known as “Dudolf.” He’s famous for his whimsical art style and his love for animals. We’ve shared some of his work before.

Lemons and chickens go well together, but when Dudolf draws them, they’re hard to distinguish. Tap or click here to spot the lemons hiding with these chicks.

If you prefer seafood, Dudolf also has you covered. A while back, he created a colorful undersea optical illusion that any fan of “The Little Mermaid” would love. Your challenge: Find the hidden fish among the fantastical sea creatures.

Dudolf recently released a royal eye test to celebrate the queen’s fondness for corgis

Although it’s tempting to say “Aww,” you should do more than just admire this art. Get ready to test your eyes and train your brain. Try to find the three hidden objects within this image.

Dudolf hid three pieces of toast in this image. Don’t let the late monarch or her favorite dogs distract you. (According to the Washington Post, Queen Elizabeth owned more than 30 corgis in her lifetime!)

Look closely. Can you spot the tasty carbs hiding among the royal canines?

Adorable optical illusions like this one are rare. While you coo at how cute the corgis are, try to test your eyes as well. Can you find the hidden objects?
Tap or click the image above for a larger version of this picture.

Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t find the three hidden slices of toast. This brain game was especially tricky. Here’s the answer key:

If you loved these adorable optical illusions, you're in luck. We have all sorts of challenging brain games for adults among our tech tips and life hacks.

One was in the top-right corner, while the other two were close to Queen Elizabeth II. We’ve got you covered if you want more challenging brain games for adults.

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