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A FitBit saved this woman from heart failure

Since we’re four months into 2017, congratulations are in order if you’ve kept up with your health and fitness goals! Tech devices, like apps and activity trackers, can help you monitor progress and stay motivated. For a woman in Connecticut, it did way more than that.

Patricia Lauder, a 73-year-old, said her activity tracker literally saved her life. She told UConn Today, “If I didn’t have a Fitbit on my wrist, I would never have known that my heart rate was getting dangerously high. And I might not be here to tell my story.”

It all started when Lauder bought a FitBit to track her steps; her goal was to lose some weight and get healthier. Then she started to feel ill and thought it might be pneumonia but doctors ruled that out. Then her symptoms got worse and she started to experience fatigue and shortness of breath from just walking around her home.

As this was going on, Lauder began to realize that her FitBit said her resting heart rate was increasing five beats per minute each day. When it spiked at 140 beats ber minute (average is around 70), she knew something was seriously wrong so she called 911.

A CT scan showed that she had two blood clots in her lung arteries. These clots were causing her heart to work much harder than it should have and as a result, her heart had enlarged. She was given medicine to destroy the clots and her heart rate went back to normal the next day.

This isn’t the first time we’ve told you about a FitBit saving someone’s life. Based on information from his FitBit phone app, doctors were able to give the right treatment to a man who had just suffered a seizure.

If all this talk has you ready to buy your own FitBit, make sure you stay away from counterfeit devices. Read this article so that you know what to look out for. Plus, check out this app that literally pays you when you achieve your fitness goals.

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