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5G technology might reach you in the craziest way ever imagined

With 5G technology right around the corner, your curiosity is probably piqued. The main thing to understand is it’s going to be super fast when compared to what we’ve been using, 4G. Twenty times faster to be exact.

Imagine what you could accomplish at those speeds. Streaming movies will be a breeze, for instance, as you can download a full HD film in under 10 seconds.

But how are companies planning on implementing 5G? One idea in the works sounds a little too crazy to be true, but it is.

The 5G revolution is on the way

Developing a new cell network can be a struggle. Just think of the amount of coverage needed across the globe.

According to the FCC, to reach higher speeds, 5G networks will utilize a high-band spectrum that travels over shorter distances. Unlike super tall cell towers that cover large areas, small cells attached to utility poles and other structures will help carry 5G signals.

But finding the right locations to place these cells can be tricky. As you’d probably expect, not every inch of the world has an available utility pole or building at the ready. That’s why one company is thinking outside the box when it comes to its 5G network.

The U.K. carrier, Vodafone, has found a new structure to place 5G equipment. It’s installing mobile antennas and equipment on manhole covers. Yep, manhole covers.

According to Vodafone, the manhole cover antennas can be installed with minimal disruption to the locals since there’s no need for street work or construction. Plus, it won’t change the scenery in the area. No eyesores like bulky cell towers taking over the landscape. These kits are all below ground.

The company said in a press release, “By connecting the manhole covers to this network, we can provide great 4G coverage now, and easily upgrade them to 5G in the future. These fiber-connected 5G-enabled small antennae are the foundation on which connected smart cities will be built.

“5G connectivity will allow connected traffic lights instantly to reroute road traffic around congestion, councils automatically to schedule repairs for broken infrastructure like street lighting, and businesses to manage how much energy they use intelligently.”

It’s a pretty cool idea, don’t you think?

Bonus: 5G is coming and it will cost you! What you need to know

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The future may get here faster than we think, as the world races toward 5G wireless technology. 5G will be faster, revolutionary and could even fight terrorism?

This is much more than just an upgrade, it could allow for driverless cars and smart cities. It will be unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Will this breakthrough come at a cost to your health, increasing the risk of disease and disorders?

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