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53K vehicles recalled for faulty electronic parking brakes

When it comes to your car, every part is important. But there are some parts you can’t do without or your life would be at risk, like your brakes. Remember late last year when rollaway issues forced a major recall for millions of vehicles?

Well, it looks like another auto manufacturer has found thousands of electronic parking brakes that aren’t working properly. Because of this, the company is recalling around 53,000 vehicles to correct this safety concern.

Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured between February to October 2016 may have parking brakes that could be released improperly. The widespread recall is being issued by Tesla as a precautionary step, although the company claims not all of these vehicles will experience the defect. In fact, Tesla believes only around 5% of vehicles will have the faulty brake.

So far, no injuries or accidents have been reported as a result of this issue. Still, it’s not worth taking any chances. While it may be true that only 5 percent will have the problem, Tesla has explained that it’s nearly impossible to tell which vehicles will be affected by the damaged gear.

If you own a Model S or Model X Tesla, take your vehicle to the dealership immediately. Tesla is already beginning to repair these vehicles and plans to correct all of these problems by this coming fall.

This is the second major recall issued by Tesla within the past two years. Back in 2015, 90,000 vehicles were recalled for a belt that wasn’t connected properly.

Still, Tesla vehicles are some of the most talked-about cars out there.

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