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Biggest hack in Facebook history! 50 million accounts taken over by hackers

Facebook, which continues to shoot itself in the foot in the court of public opinion, has done it again, and did it with your personal information.

The internet giant — which knows a lot about you, your likes and dislikes, your location, phone number and whatever else you shared with it — announced Friday that its security was breached and, worse, almost 50 million members had their personal information exposed to hackers.

This is just the latest in a series of bad moves by Facebook, from Cambridge Analytica, to sharing your information with over 60 companies, to recently being caught sharing your information with advertisers. It seems Facebook plays fast and loose with your personal information. Someone takes a swing at Facebook, and you get socked in the jaw.

And now this. According to Facebook, it found that hackers exploited a part of its code that then allowed them to take over accounts. Facebook said it corrected the vulnerability and notified law-enforcement officials.

Just when it seemed Google had supplanted Facebook as the Internet Entity to be Concerned About, Facebook comes along and takes its crown back. Again.

Were you logged out of your account? If so, you were affected

Roughly 90 million users had their access tokens reset, which meant they had to log out and log back into their accounts. While that may be the end of the damage — and who believes that? — Facebook admits they are not quite sure yet.

In a blog post, Facebook said that since the investigation has just begun, it doesn’t yet know if any accounts were misused or had any information accessed. The social media site is also unsure of who is behind the attacks, and does not know where they are from.

It’s important to understand that as Facebook investigates, it may uncover that more accounts were caught up in the hack. Therefore, the access tokens of additional accounts may be reset.

If you got this email, the hackers have your login account and password

The Facebook hackers got Kim’s information, too.

This is an email you’re going to see if your information got grabbed in the hack. Note that Kim is being allowed to log in with a tap. If you get any similar-looking emails that require you to send any information, they might be email attackers taking advantage of this crisis to steal your information.

Be careful!

What you should do now

You should at the very least change your password, which will give you some coverage. Make sure it’s a unique password so that if Facebook fails again — and it’s a good bet that it will — you won’t make it easy for any crooks to use that password on other sites.

The best advice may be to end your relationship with Facebook altogether — it’s clear that the social media giant doesn’t really care about its relationship with you.

For steps on how to delete Facebook, tap or click here.

If you don’t want to leave but want to take a break, tap or click here for steps to take to deactivate.

At the very least, get rid of third-party access and data collection. Tap or click here for step-by-step details on how to do that.

Can Facebook be trusted anymore?

You need to know that Facebook isn’t watching out for you. It’s a business that will use its resources — you and me — to attract advertisers and make money. It pays lip service to your security, but then it does things that show us that we’re nothing but dollar signs to them.

Facebook is collecting everything on you including all of your call and text data. Tap or click here for steps to turn off that tracking. And don’t rely on Facebook’s “privacy setting” choices. Checking those boxes does absolutely nothing.

Facebook needs to prevent these breaches before they happen. But is that even possible? Not likely.

For now, do what you need to do to protect yourself, and check your account. And watch out for the scam emails that are sure to follow that pretend they’re from Facebook and urge you to fix your account by clicking a link. That’s just another way to lose your information.

Tap or click below to hear Kim talk about why Facebook is alienating millions.

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