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5 new products Microsoft will announce tomorrow

Late summer and early fall is debutante season for the major companies that make and design consumer electronics. We’ve heard from Apple and Amazon. Now it’s time for Microsoft.

The computer giant will hold its hardware event tomorrow in New York City and the big star is expected to be its Surface devices. But don’t count out any additional surprises.

It’s been a tough year for Microsoft thanks to its troubled Windows 10. But the company should make up some ground at the event and we think consumers will be excited about these five new products that are expected to be introduced.

More than Surface deep

First a quick note on The Surface. Developed internally by Microsoft, The Surface series of laptops and tablets have been praised by consumers and critics alike their ease of use, looks and functionality.

The Surface is shaped more like a traditional tablet but it has a high-resolution display and is compatible with Windows 10. Its detachable keyboard and trackpad cover transform this tablet into a laptop, which has fueled much of its success.

1. Codename Centaurus

The product that has us most excited is codenamed Centaurus. What we know is that it’s Microsoft’s dual-screen, foldable tablet/laptop that may run on the so-called “Windows Lite.”

However, since we don’t know when Windows Lite will be ready to launch, those attending tomorrow’s Microsoft event may get just the barest peek of this highly anticipated device.

2. A new kind of Pro

The Surface Pro 7 isn’t the only Surface Pro Microsoft is expected to unveil. The company may announce a new Surface with an ARM processor in it, which will support LTE for an on-the-go data connection.

Like other Surfaces that Microsoft will announce, it will be powered by a Snapdragon 8cx. It will also have two USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and the Surface Connect port. Where you’ll really see the differences are in the looks department.

The Surface Pro with ARM will feature slimmer bezels, a rounder body, and a slightly larger 13-inch screen than the Surface Pro 7. The device also is expected to feature a new Type Cover and pen accessory.

It’s not known yet what name Microsoft will give to its new Surface Pro with ARM.

3. Lucky number 7

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Surface Pro 7. Externally, the 7 won’t look much different than the Surface Pro 6, with the exception that the Mini DisplayPort will be replaced by a single USB-C port. It’s what’s under the hood that makes the Pro 7 different.

It will feature 10th generation processors in the i3, i5, and i7 configurations. As for that USB-C port, don’t expect it to support Thunderbolt 3.

4. A possible third-time charmer

There are a lot of rumors swirling around the Surface Laptop 3. Microsoft is expected to debut a 13.5-inch and 15-inch version of the Surface Laptop. The talk is that the Surface Laptop 3 will use AMD processors, which Microsoft has never used in the Surface line.

Variations of the AMD processor a consumer gets will likely depend on the SKU they choose. Externally, the Laptop 3 should look pretty much the same as its predecessor, but it could now come with a removable SSD.

5. More ear buddies

Some of the chatter at Amazon’s event debut party was the company’s new Alexa-enabled earbuds. Now, look out for Microsoft to present its new in-ear headphones.

The earbuds aren’t meant to replace Microsoft’s over-ear Surface Headphones. Instead, they are expected to enhance the headphone line of products with touch-sensitive controls and Cortana integration. will have a full breakdown of the Microsoft items announced tomorrow, as well as when they will be available. We’ll also bring you the news from Google’s 2019 hardware event set for Oct. 15.

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