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5 cool things spotted at CES

Right now, Las Vegas is the beating heart of the entire technology world as the annual Consumer Electronics Show lights up the town. From the flashy displays of the main show floors to all the smaller events happening around it, it’s the place for tech movers and shakers to hype up their products. And there’s plenty to talk about. Here are five of the coolest things on display at CES this year.

1. Vuzix Blade smart glasses

The concept of smart glasses hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet, but that could change with the Blade from Vuzix. These high-end and high-tech glasses bear a small resemblance to those 3D glasses you get in the theater, but they have a lot of interesting features packed inside. The one that really jumps out is Amazon Alexa. That’s right. These smart glasses are also Alexa devices. They’re also stocked with augmented reality technology to show everything from maps to weather information right in front of your eyes. When it hits the market, the Blade will cost $1,000 but expect prices to come down in the future if the glasses catch on.

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2. Sgnl wristband

As a kid, you probably held your fingers up to your head to imitate answering a phone call. Now you may soon be able to that as an adult with the Sgnl wristband from Korean startup Innomdle Lab. The wristband contains a mic for capturing your voice, but the amazing part is that it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and lets you use your finger to conduct sound to your ear using vibrations. People might wonder why you’re talking into your hand, but there’s an undeniable cool factor to this gadget.

3. Buddy robot

It seems we get a little closer to our promised Jetsons’ future every day. Blue Frog Robotics is showing off its Buddy companion robot at CES this year. This cute bot uses Google Assistant technology to listen to your voice commands. Buddy can keep an eye on your home, carry on a conversation with your family members, play music, and show videos on its built-in screen. Expect Buddy to hit the market later in 2018.

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4. Sony Aibo

If the slightly humanoid Buddy robot isn’t your thing, then you might want to check out Sony’s new version of its Aibo robot dog instead. Sony brought the adorable bot out to play at CES. The technology has come a long way since the first generation of Aibo dogs came out in the late 1990s. The 2018 Aibo is more engaging than the original. It sports a more natural appearance with expressive OLED eyes. It can sit on command, do tricks, and interact with the humans around it. Sony is still aiming the Aibo mainly at the Japanese market, but don’t be surprised if a few make their way around the U.S. It’s too cute to deny.

5. Merge VR Blaster

The popularity of Pokemon Go proved that augmented reality could take on a powerful role in gaming. Get ready to step things up with Merge VR’s 6DoF Blaster. It might look like an overgrown Nerf toy, but it actually holds your phone so you can play first-person augmented reality and virtual reality games. Merge said it’s like experiencing handheld virtual reality without needing a bulky headset or expensive gear. The Blaster tracks where it is in space in order to deliver an ever-changing game environment on your phone’s screen. It’s an interesting and potentially very fun take on virtual reality gaming.

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