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4 new YouTube features you’ll want to use now

YouTube is the go-to video platform for millions of people. It’s the platform we use for anything under the sun – tutorials, reviews, news, viral videos (and the occasional screaming goats.)

YouTube is such an essential internet fixture that over 30 million visitors watch almost a billion videos each day. Here are other fun facts – 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and the total number of hours watched each month is a staggering 3.25 billion.

To keep its user base engaged, YouTube regularly rolls out fresh features like 360 videos, 4K content, YouTube Red original programming and YouTube TV.

However, for creators and consumers alike who enjoy YouTube’s live streaming platform, four new features are currently being rolled out and these are key additions you’ll want to use now:

1. Automatic captions to live streams

Live YouTube streams will soon have automatic English captions when professionally provided captions aren’t available. YouTube will use its own Live Automatic Speech Recognition technology (LASR) for converting a live video’s speech to text in real time.

2. Live chat replays

YouTube will also save and replay the chats that are active during live streams. Similar to Facebook’s Live Videos, the chats will play back in sync with the saved video as they happened.

3. Geotagging

YouTube live streamers can now geotag their recording location from their smartphone. Viewers who click on the location tag will show other videos from that location. There’s also a new search filter that will show videos recorded nearby.

4. IFTTT integration

Lastly, YouTube is introducing a cool feature to link the Super Chat feature to IFTTT and smart home functions and notifications. Note: The Super Chat feature lets viewers pay to have their comment highlighted during live streams.

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