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4 key steps to keeping up with email, according to research

Does it seem like your email inbox is out-of-control? If you’re like many people, you’re probably getting dozens if not hundreds of emails popping up daily.

While it might seem like an impossible task of organizing and deleting, it can be done with a few simple steps. Remember, ignoring emails does not help with productivity. Shoving them aside does the opposite and creates more stress according to Kingston University.

Email strategy

The best way to keep on top of emails and work tasks is to check them every 45 minutes. London University found that people who regularly declutter their work email inbox feel less overloaded and are able to get more work done.

So you’re not tempted to check emails more, turn off email alerts since they can distract you while you’re working.

The key thing about checking emails every so often is to not just check them but to do something with them such as deleting, filing or flagging.

While email can be a distraction, the Kingston study shows most people can’t imagine doing their work effectively without it. Almost all employees surveyed say they use email for work with very few saying they send personal emails during the workday.

To be courteous, if you’re using email off hours, activate the ‘delay send’ function so your co-workers only receive emails during the workday.

The final bit of advice is to make sure your emails are efficient and have a purpose.

Three myths

The Kingston review also notes three popular myths. One is that emails are a “time-wasting distraction from ‘real’ work.” Studies show the opposite with 92 percent of respondents saying that emails are necessary for completing work assignments.

A second myth has to do with limiting ourselves to checking email only a few times a day. This can actually make you feel less in control. 

The third myth is about not connecting with other people while on email due to CC’ing and so on. 

However, CC’ing employees tend to forge good relationships since you’re keeping colleagues up-to-date and in the loop. Responding to emails actually helped workers in one study feel in control. 

Email marketing

In some jobs, email is used for marketing in addition to social media. It’s very effective and research shows email campaigns get more clicks than content on Facebook and Twitter.

Using email campaigns also requires strategy to make sure it’s done right!

Whether it’s a newsletter you’re emailing or a one-page email campaign, there are recommended steps to take to make sure you have the most effective outcome.

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