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Taking on DIY projects? 7 ways your smartphone can help

It’s not just the flashlight or calculator apps that can help around the house: your smartphone can actually do more than you think when it comes to DIY projects. With these must-have apps, any project can be finished.

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While using your phone to make a quick calculation or light up the dark space under the couch is indeed useful, there are many applications for both Android and iOS that set their sights a little higher. From coordinating colors to designing floor-plans and more, your phone can save you time and money. Read on to find the best apps to help with all kinds of DIY projects!

Project Color

Courtesy of Home Depot and available on both iOS and Android, Project Color is a free application designed to let you search for paint colors and see how they look in a variety of rooms. There are tons of colors to choose from, all of which correspond to paint the Home Depot sells, and there are even popular colors and recommendations to help get the inspiration flowing.

A cool feature of Project Color is the ability to color match anything around you by way of taking a picture. It also allows you to save colors easily for future purchases.

Smart Tools

Available on Android for $2.99, Smart Tools packages together six apps for a massive total of 15 tools. The app breaks down its tools into sets: Smart Ruler, Smart Measure, Smart Compass, Sound Meter, Smart Light, and Unit Converter. Each set has a number of tools, for example, within the ruler set there are a variety of ways to measure length, angle, slope and level.

Whether you’re looking to measure sound levels, convert units, magnify something or anything else, Smart Tools is there for you with an assortment of useful instruments at the tap of a button.

RoomScan Pro

This free iOS app has you covered for all your floor-planning needs. RoomScan Pro offers you three key ways to plan your rooms: scan your room by touching the walls with your phone, use your phone’s camera, and AR technology. Or, you can draw your room manually to precisely layout everything you imagine.

RoomScan Pro does have a subscription option, which allows for the export of your designs into a variety of file formats.

Handyman Calculator

Android’s Handyman Calculator is a well-known app in the construction field: calculate anything you might need with a simple interface so you can reduce waste and save time and money, all for free. From calculating the weight of metal to concrete to tracking time or taking notes, whatever construction project you have in mind can be organized easily and efficiently with the Handyman Calculator.

iHandy Carpenter

For $1.99 on iOS, iHandy Carpenter is an elegant, gorgeous carpenter kit right there on your iPhone or iPad. The kit comes with five essential tools: the plumb bob, surface level, steel protractor, and steel ruler. Each has a minimalist, high-end feel, very much in line with Apple’s larger design philosophy.

Once your phone has been properly calibrated, the plumb bob, surface level, and level bar tools can all be used to measure inclines by reading angles on the screen, too!

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Photo Measures

For $4.99 on Google Play and $6.99 on iOS, Photo Measures has absolutely everything you need when it comes to measuring. While this may seem simple, mentally picturing the exact amount of space you’re working with can be a challenge. Photo Measures has you take a photo of the space you’re measuring and then draw in the actual measures.

This way not only is the relevant information recorded but you get a visual representation. From rooms to furniture, anything you’d like to measure can be stored visually with Photo Measures. Never wonder again if something will fit in your space!

Home Design 3D

Designing a home is a massively complicated undertaking, but Home Design 3D, available on both iOS and Android, is a free app that seeks to make this tough process easier. You can design and remodel your entire house virtually, from planning rooms to furnishing them. Tiny details can be adjusted, too, like the heights of walls or their thickness.

The free version of the app only allows you to design a limited number of floors, which you cannot save, but upgrading to the Pro version via an in-app subscription unlocks saving and unlimited floors.

Once you’ve got your head around what your phone can do with these apps, there’s still more to do. Tap or click here for ways to use your phone you never thought possible.

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