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3 simple ways to mock up pro-level prototypes
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Got a great idea? 3 simple ways to mockup pro-level prototypes

Many people switched to remote work at the start of the pandemic, and while some are returning to the office, others have made working from home a more permanent source of employment.

There are many ways to make money on the side. You can find time to work for additional employers or start your own business. Tap or click here for some examples to get you started. If you’re trying to be an entrepreneur, you may want to show off your product or service before it’s been fully realized.

A mockup comes in handy, as it’s cheaper than a full-scale prototype and easier to change according to your needs. This is great for business plans, sales pitches and presentations to potential investors. Here are three tools to help you get started.


Smartmockups lets you create high-resolution mockups in your browser within one interface and works with multiple devices. You don’t need any Photoshop skills to use this program.

You can create mockups for your website/app, social media campaign, print artwork, packaging, home and decor products and apparel. The service provides thousands of templates for you to use or create your own using numerous customization tools.

You can upload images to Smartmockups or use third-party sources such as Marvel, Canva, Dropbox, Figma and Unsplash.

The Free version of Smartmockups lets you create free mockups with one account. You get 800+ mockups, third-party integration, live previews and medium-quality exports.

Upgrade to Pro for $9 per month (you can try a seven-day free trial first) and you get access to all 11,000+ mockups, unlimited mockup exports, URL screenshots, video mockups, custom mockups, high-quality exports and more. Learn more at

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Placeit lets you create mockups on just about anything, including apparel, portable devices (particularly ones from Apple), print products and everyday items such as mugs and bags.

You can also create animated logos, promotional videos, slide shows and social media stories. The categories include gaming, education, architecture, healthcare, fitness, sports, finance, fashion and more.

There are thousands of free templates to help you get started. Simply drag and drop your design onto one of Placeit’s mockups to create your product shot.

You can create a free account and access a small sample of templates for free every month. Upgrade to a subscription for $14.95 per month or $89.69 per year and get access to thousands of mockups, designs, logos and video templates. Go to to get started.


MockFlow lets you create mockups of user interfaces for the web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple Watch, Android Watch and more. You can build a wireframe from scratch or choose from the provided templates.

Mockup offers product design tools to maintain and keep track of workflow for group collaborations. Real-time features include chat, feedback, review, personas, style guides, proposals and prototypes. The service integrates with third-party cloud services such as Figma and Miro.

MockFlow offers a free Basic plan with unlimited time. There are limits on the number of projects and collaborators. Upgrade to the Wireframing tier for $14 per editor per month and collaborate with your team without limits. For $19 per editor per month, you add the product design utility.

Send an email to to request a seven-day trial of the premium services. Go to for more information.

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