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Waterproof your tech life with these gadgets

There are many reasons why you might want waterproof technology items. Maybe you live in a rainy climate and you’re constantly out dashing through thunderstorms. Maybe you like to spend time at the beach and stroll through the gentle waves. Maybe you just have an unfortunate skill for dropping your tech in the toilet or into the sink while you’re doing the dishes.

Let’s check out some gadgets and accessories that take some of the watery worries out of owning technology. Just keep in mind that very few things are completely waterproof. Some gadgets might survive a dunk in a puddle but won’t make it through the rigors of a deep-sea diving journey. That’s why most manufacturers use the term “water-resistant.”

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone has all the high-end specs you could want, but it also features a new level of water resistance. Cell service provider T-Mobile is so confident in the phone’s ability to withstand a watery onslaught, it released an underwater unboxing video showing the S8 being unwrapped by a diver inside a shark cage.

The circling sharks make for a particularly entertaining publicity stunt, but what you really want to know is just how waterproof the phone is. T-Mobile’s video includes this pertinent warning: “Galaxy S8/S8+ is water-resistant in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.” That still gives you plenty of time to rescue a dropped phone from a toilet or weather a downpour while checking your email.

Apple Watch Series 2

The second generation of Apple’s smartwatch added a much-requested feature: water-resistance. Apple originally recommended against submerging the first models of its watch, but said the Series 2 can be used for shallow-water activities, which include swimming in the ocean or in a pool. “However, Apple Watch Series 2 shouldn’t be used for scuba diving, water skiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water,” the tech giant notes.

Apple goes into more details about what you can and can’t do with the latest Apple Watch when it comes to water. Showering is OK, but the company doesn’t want you to expose the wearable gadget to “soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and perfumes as they can negatively affect water seals and acoustic membranes.” Apple also warns that the watch’s water resistance may decrease over time and that leather bands aren’t meant to be exposed to water. It’s still a good, solid upgrade from the original Apple Watch.

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro almost singlehandedly built the popular market for action cameras – compact cameras with high-quality video capture that are made to go along on adventures, whether it’s a bike ride through a dramatic landscape or a surfing trip along the coast. The company’s latest offering, the Hero5 Black, is waterproof up to 33 feet right out of the box. GoPro doesn’t skirt the issue by saying it’s “water-resistant,” it actually uses the term “waterproof.”

While the Hero5 Black is pretty fearless about water, the 33 feet might not be enough for some really daring seafarers. GoPro also offers an add-on housing for the Hero5 Black called the Super Suit. The Super Suit protects the camera at depths up to 196 feet, making it a smart add-on for ambitious divers looking to film the underwater world. If you don’t need that kind of extra protection, but you still plan to use your Hero5 around water, then GoPro also offers the Floaty, a bright-orange flotation add-on that will keep your expensive camera from sinking. It’s also easy to spot if it gets away from you.

Waterproof almost anything

Is your current phone not very water-resistant? No problem. You can still protect your tech from the elements by using a waterproof case designed to hold your camera, smartphone, or other gadgets.

Shown above:

  1. Waterproof phone case, $34.99
  2. Waterproof mobile device case, $44.95
  3. Waterproof arm strap case, $44.95
  4. Compact waterproof camera case, $39.95

These cases feature clear windows so you can still operate your devices. It’s a quick solution for protecting your non-water-resistant gear or for just adding an extra layer of safety for an expensive gadget. They’re slim and can usually provide protection in up to 15 feet of water, making it a smart item to pack along on a cruise vacation or for a trip to the beach.

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