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Free tool for designing your dream home office

From your imagination to browsing Amazon to the actual setup, there’s a lot that can get lost in translation when it comes to your home office. It’s easy to forget an accessory or two or not plan for enough space where you need it, but that’s no longer a worry when you can design your perfect setup online!

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Today, you can design your entire office in 3D before you buy anything, eliminating any worries about whether or not all of your stuff will fit or if a certain desk will work for you. Read on to find out exactly how this helpful tool works and how you can use it to plan the home office of your dreams!

What is DeskSpacing?

DeskSpacing is a simple web-based tool where you can design a virtual workspace before making any purchases or actually begin moving things around. It may not sound like much, but if you’ve ever had to plan out an office or design a clean-looking entertainment center or home theater system, you know how quickly things can become disorganized.

Picturing a desk’s dimensions in your mind and placing imaginary items on it isn’t a good way to decide on a layout. And not only is it possible everything you imagined would fit, won’t, but it’s easy to forget to plan for even important stuff, like key accessories.

This site allows you to choose from multiple desk variants, as well as sizes, and pick from a list of virtual items to place on the desk to see how it will look and feel. You can also move items at will and rotate the scene entirely. DeskSpacing is the perfect way to get a good feel for an entire layout without spending much time or any money.

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How DeskSpacing works

Once you enter the DeskSpacing tool the site will offer to take you through a beginner’s tutorial that will help to familiarize you with the site’s basic interface and functionality, but DeskSpacing isn’t hard to understand.

Simply start with a desk, of which there are many styles, select a material, and choose a size. From here you can place tons of stuff on your virtual desk by looking through different categories and selecting items.

DeskSpacing lets you fill your desk with many different kinds of items from monitors and keyboards to speakers and computer towers to chairs and much more. All the normal stuff you might find on or around a workstation is available to choose from and place virtually.

With a desk and a variety of stuff on it, you can change each item’s location by clicking and dragging, and by using the mouse you can rotate the entire scene and zoom in at will. If you ever get lost, there’s a Reset Camera button at the bottom-left of your virtual desk’s screen.

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