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How your video game-loving kid can turn tech into a career

Presented by iD Tech

Presented by iD Tech

When you invest in your child today, tomorrow takes care of itself. Reserve your child's spot at an iD Tech Camp and receive $75 off at

Back when we were children, most parents thought video games were just a waste of time. They would rather have us outside playing kickball with our friends than glued to a screen playing a game.

Boy how times have changed. Nowadays, gamers are everywhere. And with the right training, they can turn those tech skills into an awesome career. In fact, you’d probably be shocked to find out just how much coders and game developers get paid.

But kids are going to need to do more than play Borderlands 2 to hone those skills. That’s where iD Tech comes in.

When you invest in your child today, tomorrow takes care of itself. Reserve your child’s spot and receive $75 off at

A great investment in your child’s future

So, what is iD Tech? Simply put, it’s the nation’s original tech camp, founded as a family startup in 1999. It’s grown from 280 to 60,000 students per year, spreading Silicon Valley startup culture across the U.S. and beyond.

No other program has iD Tech’s track record of long-term student success, passion and reputation as the world’s go-to summer STEM educator.

There are currently millions of unfilled STEM jobs in the U.S. and the number is expected to increase every year. Take advantage of iD Tech’s long-term learning system to equip kids and teens with skills for the most exciting, in-demand careers.

Whether your child is 7, 19, or somewhere in between, iD Tech has perfected the system to guide them from total beginner to college-bound pro. Even better, they’ll have fun while they’re learning rewarding skills.

And iD Tech offers on-campus summer programs as well as Virtual Tech Camps that include access to expert educators and exclusive tools for long-term success. It’s a great way to kickstart any gamer’s successful future.

Fuel your child’s passion with innovative tech courses

iD Tech

Is your kid curious about AI? Dream of launching their own indie game studio? Loves Minecraft or has an eye for design? Whatever your child is passionate about, iD Tech’s proprietary curriculum can give them all the tools they need to succeed.

They can take advantage of iD Tech’s exclusive lineup of courses in coding, game development, robotics and creative arts. They’ll hone an impressive skill set, flex creativity and experiment with the newest and best tools from Adobe, Epic Games, Nvidia, LEGO, Roblox and more.

Experience iD Tech, anywhere

Prefer your kids to have an at-home experience this spring or summer? No problem. iD Tech’s online programs bring the collaborative spirit of camp right to your personal computer.

With iD Tech’s on-campus summer programs, they’ll get inspired by iconic architecture, learn in next-gen labs and experience collegiate life in the dining halls.

iD Tech offers the only summer tech program that’s trusted by more than 150 of the top universities on the planet. From NYU and CMU to Caltech and Cambridge, iD Tech’s location lineup is as impressive as it is convenient, with plenty of nearby options. Visit it’s site to find a location near you.

Tech rockstar instructors

iD Tech recruits the top talent from universities like Stanford, RIT and Caltech to inspire students. Thanks to its meticulous hiring practices, rigorous safety certifications and in-person training, you can rest assured your child is in capable hands.

In fact, after camp, iD Tech’s summer staffers often get hired by tech icons like Google, EA and Disney.

Small class guarantee

iD Tech isn’t a classroom or a strip mall franchise. Your child will experience personalized learning in small classes — guaranteed.

Whatever their skill level, iD Tech delivers a properly-paced, customized curriculum. With your life experiences, you understand there is no replacement for individual attention.

Learning designed for long-term success

The iD Tech Pathway is its proprietary, gamified learning system. Your child will start at L1 and gain XP (experience points) for each completed summer or online course.

They’ll work hard and play hard to unlock a love of learning and prove mastery, ultimately earning the badge of L10.

When you invest in your child today, tomorrow takes care of itself. Reserve your child’s spot and receive $75 off at

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