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Unbelievable wildlife videos captured by drones

There’s an untamed and beautiful world out there full of majestic animals, most of which have no interest in hanging around with humans. Flying drones equipped with cameras have much better luck when it comes to zooming in on the fascinating critters of the wild.

Come with us as we travel the globe and meet a curious moose, dance with dolphins, swim with whales, and explore the wilds of Africa from a drone’s eye perspective. It’s a visually stunning way to answer the call of the wild.

1. The beauty of whale-watching

Whale-watching expeditions take ocean lovers out on boats to view the massive majestic animals swimming in the sea. The view from the deck of a ship is much different than what a flying drone can see from well above the water. A video from YouTube user Wam Wamland shows an extraordinary dance performed by three whales in the South Pacific.

Wam Wamland describes the whales’ movement around and beneath the boat as a “water ballet.” The video lasts six minutes, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the sweeping views of the blue water and see just how big the whales are compared to the boat. The whales seem curious about the vessel as they swirl around it, turn their bellies upward, and breathe through their blowholes at the surface. It will make you want to book a whale-watching trip.

2. Moose meets drone

Once upon a time, a curious moose met a drone and an unlikely friendship blossomed, if only for a few short, sweet moments. YouTube user Kolbjørn Hoseth Larssen captured some delightful footage of a young moose in Norway at the moment when it spies his drone hovering nearby.

The setting itself is beautiful, with autumn trees and glowing mountains in the background. The moose is just hanging out, nibbling on greenery, when the drone approaches. The large animal doesn’t seem concerned about this strange flying object, but it is definitely interested in the hovering interloper. What follows is a playful exchange with the moose approaching the camera and then chasing it around. There are some fun shots of the big moose nose pointing up into the lens before the big member of the deer family decides it has had enough and strolls away toward the trees.

3. Catch a tiger by a drone

Get ready for an action-packed adventure starring one fast-flying drone, three Siberian tigers, and a snowy day at the Zoo Sauvage de St-Felicien in Canada. Drone operator and filmmaker David Etienne Durivage posted a fun video showing two big cats eyeing and stalking his drone. They treat it much like a house cat would a toy, but this is very different from a catnip mouse and a tiny tabby.

One of the final shots captures a spectacular leap as a tiger flies out of the snow, reaching its paws towards the drone. The drone survived the filming unscathed, but its daring exploits have given us some fabulous footage of the tigers’ entertaining snow day.

4. Go on safari

An African safari is a dream trip for many world travelers. Get a peek at what an adventure like that would look like with a drone-shot video covering the expansive, stunning landscapes and wildlife found in Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Enjoy the epic vistas and get up close with elephants, rhinos and giraffes. You will even get to see a baby rhino, which eyes the drone warily.

Ol Pejeta is the largest black rhino conservancy in Africa. It’s also home to chimpanzees, zebras, hyenas, lions, cheetahs, and endangered African wild dogs. If you can’t make it to the conservancy for an in-person visit, then this drone video is a great way to feel closer to the fascinating wildlife. It’s an eye-opening visual experience you can savor from anywhere in the world.

5. Dive with the dolphins

Dolphins are intelligent and playful creatures that sometimes travel in large pods. Those pods are an impressive sight to behold. Vimeo users Jennene and Dave Riggs were fortunate enough to see and film a pod of bottlenose dolphins dancing along the shoreline in the clear blue waters off Western Australia.

There’s a lot of joy in seeing the energetic dolphins ride the waves and then leap out of the water. The video is short but packed full of fun imagery. The dolphins’ moves would impress even seasoned human surfers. As Jennene Riggs writes, “…we have a lot to learn from their lifestyle!”

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