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This retro photo app is a disposable camera for your iPhone

The era of disposable cameras has long since ended, which was definitely a win for both picture quality and the environment. Though, there’s still plenty of nostalgia to go around when it comes to these relics of the past. Today, there’s a fun little application that attempts to recreate the whole disposable camera picture-taking experience.

Your smartphone’s camera is a powerful piece of technology capable of much more than mimicking older devices. Tap or click here for ways to use your phone’s camera like a pro.

If you have fond memories of the iconic look of disposable-camera photographs and the process of developing your photos, there’s a fun way to do all of this from the comfort of your phone, without wasting money or resources on individual cameras.

What is David’s Disposable?

Courtesy of mega-star on the internet David Dobrik, David’s Disposable app is a digital disposable camera. Open the app, take photos, and wait for them to develop. Photos on the app “develop” every day at 9 a.m., and you will receive notifications whenever photos are ready to be viewed.

Photos taken in the app have the general look and feel of pictures taken on actual disposable cameras. This is achieved by way of photo filters, like those you might find on Instagram.

It’s fun to swipe through the photos on your phone, but you can also order them directly from the app and get hard copies in the mail. Back in the day, actually developing photos on a disposable camera could take ages, but no longer!

On top of the actual functionality of disposable cameras of yore, David’s Disposable adopts a minimalistic design inspired by the look and feel of the disposable camera, complete with the colors, buttons, and switches you probably already know and love.

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How to use David’s Disposable

Just like an actual disposable camera, David’s Disposable is incredibly easy to use.

There are three simple steps to using David’s Disposable after you’ve downloaded the app:

  1. Open the app and turn flash on.
  2. Point your phone at whatever you’d like to take a picture of.
  3. Take your picture and wait for it to develop.

Taken but not yet developed photos will appear in your photo library without a thumbnail, and once they have been developed you can view them as normal.

Placing orders for individual photos or entire collections can be done easily from within your photo library in the app. Simply select which photos you’d like to order, tap place order, and follow the prompts on the screen.

The app is free to download and use, however it does come with ads. The good news is you can pay just $1 to get the premium version that is ad-free!

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