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How to turn your Android into a mobile hotspot

Internet is more reliable now than ever. But there are times when we lose connection, which could impact getting work done in time.

Thankfully all hope is not lost. You can create a mobile hotspot straight from your phone. You’ll be able to connect to anything that offers wireless connectivity, like laptops or tablets.

You need to be aware of some limitations and security options, but it’s easy to set up and use. Here is how to quickly turn your Android phone into a mobile hotspot.

Setting up a mobile hotspot

In the early days of mobile data, the term often used for a hotspot was “tethering.” Most Android phones can share their internet connection through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

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Just be aware that the costs of using your phone as a hotspot can be relatively high depending on your mobile plan. Keep track of your data usage if it is limited, and know how much extra data will cost. Also, some mobile providers limit connection speed or the amount of data for a hotspot.

To turn your Android phone into a hotspot:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the Hotspot icon.
  • If the icon isn’t there, at the bottom left, tap on Edit and then drag the Hotspot icon into your Quick Settings.
  • You might be asked to give your hotspot a name. This isn’t necessary as it will take the name of your device by default.
  • In the Password option, enter a suitable phrase or combination of characters.

Your hotspot will now be active, and you can connect other devices to it. Here’s how:

  • On the other device, open the list of Wi-Fi connections.
  • Look for the name of your hotspot or the name/model of your device.
  • Tap to connect it.
  • When prompted, enter the password you used during the setup process.
  • Tap on Connect to establish the sharing.

Set up a Bluetooth hotspot

Where Wi-Fi isn’t an option, you can always use the device’s Bluetooth transmitter to share your internet connection. To do this:

  • Pair your phone with the other device by touching and holding the Bluetooth icon. Then tap Pair New Device. With the other device’s Bluetooth turned on already, tap the device name from the list you want to pair it with.
  • Once paired, you need to connect them to share the internet. Touch and hold the Hotspot icon and select Bluetooth tethering.

You should now be sharing your connection with the paired device over Bluetooth. To turn it off, cancel the hotspot or turn off your Bluetooth. Google has more instructions on how to unpair, rename or pick actions for Bluetooth accessories.

Set up a connection through USB

The third method for sharing your internet connection with another device is through a USB. Ensure that you have a suitable USB data cable that plugs into your Android phone and that the other device can receive a USB connection.

It is essential to know that Apple’s Mac computers can’t be tethered to an Android phone with a USB cable.

  • Connect the USB cable to your phone and plug the other end into the computer’s USB port.
  • On your mobile device, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Tap and hold the Hotspot icon
  • Select USB tethering to turn it on.

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