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4 common tech support problems you can fix at home

There’s a lot to be said when it comes to the feeling of empowerment we earn after tackling an annoying computer problem on our own. If you’re a strong, independent computer owner who doesn’t need a thing from anyone, you will want to check out our best advice for fixing common issues.

But sometimes, you need a little help. You need to be careful when searching for tech support because there are tons of scammers. Tap or click here for examples of dangerous tech support scams.

If you want to try fixing tech issues on your own, we can help. Keep reading for common problems and potential fixes.

1. You can’t log in

Are Caps Lock on? Did you change your password recently? Before picking up the phone, ensure that you haven’t been locked out or suspended. Password management software can help you maintain order when it comes to different credential combos.

Of course, a simple password reset is always a fast way to resolve the problem when all else fails. Always keep your backup contact info up-to-date for quick verification, and you’ll be made in the shade.

2. Your computer is running slow

If you can, perform a hard reset and see if the issue clears up. Next, try to pare away unnecessary Windows and applications to see if you can improve the situation. 

Too many files stored locally and too many shady browser extensions can cause your computer to behave sluggishly. Avoid downloading random apps and programs, and remove anything that appears to change your computer’s performance.

Antivirus software is a must, as it can run regular checks and flag anything causing a problem. While you can use your Activity Monitor to check out what is slowing your computer down, we advise against deleting things manually.

3. Your printer is not responding

Printers, scanners and other peripheral devices are notorious for being finicky at the worst possible time. Reconfiguring your printer settings, reinstalling your drivers and scrutinizing the device for things like paper jams and the like should be among the first things you try.

Miscellaneous solutions like adding the printer to your network can be found abundantly online and in the owner’s manual. Start by searching for any error codes displayed and work from there.

4. Your keyboard or mouse is not working

Manage your accessories by looking into whether their Bluetooth connection is active. It can be a delicate dance, so be sure to go through the entire pairing process outlined by the manufacturer.

If you’re using wireless devices, a dead battery or one that needs to be charged is always something to consider. Swap them out and see if you can make it work.

BONUS: Get help with tech issues that stump you

Sometimes, you need a tech expert’s help to walk you through solving a more complex issue. Don’t Google “tech support.” That will lead you right to scammers.

That’s why Kim created She’s always here to help with your digital life questions, but when you need tech support any time of day, you can rely on

The experts at offer fast, friendly, patient tech support at any time. Most issues are solved within 15 minutes. The best part? If they can’t fix your problem, you don’t pay.

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