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Listen up! Starting a podcast? 4 tips that could make or break it

Whether you’re an aspiring show host or someone who has typed “What is a podcast?” into the search bar, you should check out our newest podcast. This episode of Kim Komando Explains is your one-stop-shop on all things audio-related.

If you’re a longtime Kim Komando fan, you probably know she’s been in the radio business for decades. In this episode, she breaks down some of the most important lessons she’s learned over the years. (Some of these stories are surprisingly funny, too. You meet some colorful characters in the world of broadcast.)

Not only that, but you’ll also hear from audio expert Valerie Geller. She’s an international broadcast consultant full of low-cost, high-return strategies for a successful podcast.

Remember: Anyone can make a podcast … especially if you follow these tips for success. So whether you want to buy the best podcast equipment or learn more about the most interesting podcasts to listen to, give this episode a listen. You’ll learn a ton of surprising insider secrets on this huge industry!

Rule No. 1: Don’t be boring

The key is to establish your storytelling skills. Valerie Geller had an amazing tidbit of advice in this episode. She says there are no boring stories — only boring storytellers. You have to master the art of audio, telling stories in an engaging way.

Aspiring podcasters should also learn how to capture an audience’s attention by voice alone. After all, you can’t use any gestures or body language to get your point across.

It’s a difficult skill to master, but Kim and Valerie are here to help. They share personal experiences, like success stories to mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

Here’s one: Don’t use the word “break” in your podcast. Often, hosts will say something like, “We’ll be back after the break.” Even Kim does it. It’s a holdover from TV broadcast, Valerie says, where the show really does go to break and something else (like a commercial) runs in its place.

With a podcast, “break” signals an out to the listener — a time to tune out, turn off the podcast or move onto something else.

Instead, focus on what’s coming up. Use a phrase like, “Next up, we’re talking about the best ways to grow your audience.” That engages the listener and keeps them tuned in.

Want to become a better storyteller?

Give this episode a listen. You’ll learn how podcasts work, why they’re taking over and how you can turn your podcast ideas into successful shows.

And here’s the coolest part. Maybe you aren’t a podcaster and you have no desire to start one. Valerie and Kim’s tips still apply to anyone who wants to tell compelling stories — even just in your everyday life to friends and family.

This is a can’t-miss episode. If you learn something new, leave a nice review. It helps others find Kim Komando Explains.

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