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Delete these apps from your iPhone right now

Digital clutter is real and it can happen to your iPhone as apps pile up over time. All it takes is a few minutes and a little bit of strategy to clean up your iPhone. It’s time to take inventory and make some decisions about which apps get to stay and which ones should be shown the door.

There are some compelling reasons to delete apps. You might want to free up storage space, stop a resource hog from eating up memory and battery life, or remove an app that’s taking up too much of your time.

You can tackle a spring-cleaning of your phone at any time of the year, but it’s a good idea to regularly take stock of what apps you have installed and delete any that might be problematic. Here are our suggestions for the apps that deserve some extra scrutiny.

Delete the Apple apps you don’t use

Apple delivers its iPhones with a ton of apps already installed and ready to run. While Apple once made it impossible to delete many of these apps, you now have the option to take more control over them with iOS 12. The list of delete-able apps is long and includes Apple Books, Calculator, FaceTime, Music, Maps, Notes, Podcasts and Stocks. Delete the apps you don’t use, or ones that you have a replacement that you like better. For example, if you have zero interest in the stock market, you probably don’t need the Stocks app.

To delete an app, hold down on an app icon on your home screen until all the icons start wiggling. A little “x” appears at the corner of the apps that are available to delete. Tap on this and then confirm to remove the app. This same method works for deleting non-Apple apps as well.

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Delete Facebook from your iPhone

Deleting the Facebook app might seem like an extreme step, but there are some compelling reasons why you would want to try it. For starters, some iPhone users have reported that Facebook puts a strain on battery life. The app has developed a reputation for being a bit of a resource hog, but battery problems may also be due to how much you’re using the app. It also is less than careful with your personal information.

This leads us to another big reason why you might want to say no to the Facebook app. If you find you’re wasting way too much time browsing Facebook on your phone, then deleting the app can help you get a handle on managing your screen time by removing the temptation to constantly check in. Don’t worry, you can still visit Facebook using your browser.

The Facebook app may get a lot of attention, but also evaluate how much time you’re spending with other social media apps, whether it’s Twitter or Instagram or another service. You can always remove an app as a trial to see how you do. You might not miss it as much as you think you will.

Delete iPhone battery hogs

Facebook may or may not be a culprit if you’re suffering from battery drain, but you can easily find out which apps are causing problems. Open Settings and tap on Battery. Tap on the Last 10 Days tab to take a look at battery usage over time. Now scroll down to look at the Battery Usage by App section. Here you will see apps listed by percentage of battery usage. Tap on the apps to get more details on on-screen and background battery use.

Look for any unusual usage. If an app is eating up more than its fair share of battery, then consider deleting it or looking for an alternative app that can handle the same functions without the hit to your battery.

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Delete iPhone apps you never use

There’s a trick people use when downsizing their wardrobes: turn all of your clothes hangers backward. After a certain amount of time, check to see which ones you haven’t touched and get rid of those clothes. There’s an iPhone equivalent of this. Head into Settings, tap on General and then tap on iPhone Storage. Here, scroll down and check out the list of apps. The ones that use the most storage are at the top, but look underneath the app name to see when it was last used.

If it’s been a long time since you last used an app, then it could be a good candidate for deleting, but pay special attention to any app that says “Never Used.” Chances are you won’t miss those apps when they’re gone. You can handle the cleanup right here. Tap on the app name to open a screen that lets you choose to either offload or delete the app. Offloading saves documents and data. Deleting removes the app and its data entirely.

There are a lot of benefits to deleting iPhone apps. You can free up storage, ease up on your battery use and even give yourself the gift of more productive time. If your goal is to spend less time staring at your iPhone screen, then check out our Komando tips on how to cut back on phone use and reclaim your life.

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