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Tech support you can trust for 40% less than similar services

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Presented by Solve iQ - Goodbye, frustrations. Hello, possible.

Presented by Solve iQ - Goodbye, frustrations. Hello, possible.

Visit today, and get their expert tools and support for only $9.99 a month!

We’ve all wasted hours trying to fix computer problems. Sometimes, half the work can just be pinning down the source of the issue. For example, you could spend hours rooting through your computer’s files, folders and drives to figure out what’s wrong.

That’s why tech help companies can make all the difference. Qualified professionals can complete hours of work in a snap. With the right people at your side, you can go back to working from home instead of wasting time banging your head on the desk.

The only problem? Good help is hard to find — especially at an affordable price. You can find tech help companies out there, but they’ll cost you big time.

Affordable tech help

If you’re not tech-savvy, fixing your computer can be a nightmare. Of course, you can always call Kim during her show or send an email. But sometimes you just can’t wait.

Sure, you may conscript someone in your family to come in — but they might be busy. Maybe they can’t figure out what’s causing the problem. That’s why Kim loves Solve iQ, which provides you with around-the-clock help from a team of experts.

In just one call, they can enhance your apps, maximize your internet speeds or even improve your productivity. Plus, it’s the first and only service that delivers real-time optimizations based on your usage history. It’s so unique, they patented the idea.

Kim once said, “Calling up Solve iQ is the next best thing to having me come to your home!” It’s hard to find a good tech support company, but the team at Solve iQ goes above and beyond expectations. Its team of highly trained technicians can even help optimize your PC.

Fix any problem with a guiding hand

Here are some of the services you’ll get with Solve iQ:

  • Automatic system cleanups. Solve iQ automatically disposes of clutter to free up space and eliminate potential data leaks. Those unnecessary files won’t prevent your PC from blossoming into its full potential any longer.
  • Protection for what’s important: Solve iQ detects harmful apps and malicious websites before they can cause any problems for you. With Solve iQ, there’s no need to worry about the Ides of March.
  • Better and faster app performance: Solve iQ gives your PC better speed and connectivity. Get ready to experience load times, toggling between apps, and Bluetooth connection like never before.
  • Access to experts 24/7: Can’t figure out a PC issue yourself? Your assigned rep will get to the core of your problem, no matter how long it takes.

When you buy an expensive tech piece, it’s a huge disappointment if it doesn’t work properly. Luckily, an expert’s help can take the stress out of the setup. For example, one customer named Anne had trouble connecting her wireless printer to her computer, so she called Solve iQ and a technician named Javian answered the phone.

“Javian spent around two hours with me getting it set up,” she said. “Without his help, I would never have been able to get it working. I am so thankful for Solve iQ and for Javian’s help. A million thanks and I am sure I will be calling on you in the future for more help.”

Don’t just listen to us – here’s what other users had to say

One user, Geri, described herself as a happy camper. “I was thrilled with the help that I received. I am not computer savvy and I really needed help,” she said. “The help that I received was great. Accomplished what I needed.”

If you’re not comfortable talking on the phone, you can still get help. One user named Terry Watson didn’t have to pick up the phone for help from a technician online. “David was so helpful and very professional,” she said. “I normally want to have someone on the phone. However, he made this so simple. Thanks to him, this was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had online.”

When you need someone patient and knowledgeable at your side, call up the folks at Solve iQ. For just $9.99 a month, you can download Solve iQ to experience a range of time-saving features and so much more. Similar services cost over $300 a year, so this is a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

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