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Take the guesswork out of home security

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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It’s a brand new year, and that means you’re likely poring over a list of New Year’s resolutions. One of them probably includes making improvements to your home security system.

Start 2019 off right and keep your family safe by adopting a security setup from our sponsor SimpliSafe to protect you and your loved ones.

Why should you consider adopting SimpliSafe’s security products for your home? Consider the following.

SimpliSafe keeps things quick and easy

SimpliSafe is extremely easy to install. It’s a no-muss, no-fuss option that delivers the complete home security system experience you expect without the complicated setup process and exorbitant pricing.

To get started setting up SimpliSafe in your home, you need only a modicum of knowledge about completing short household tasks. You can be done installing wireless sensors across your home in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes, depending on which features you’ve decided to implement. You won’t need complicated tools, an installation tech, or anything expensive – you won’t even need to drill through your walls!

If you’re someone who hates to fuss over adding things to your home, SimpliSafe’s non-intrusive setup process, as you can see above, is perfect for you.

SimpliSafe can be customized to your liking


simplisafe fits well in the home anywhere

If you want to fine-tune your SimpliSafe experience, you can choose to implement optional professional monitoring services for just $14.99, with no frustrating long-term contracts to deal with. For a service that was named the best in the industry, that’s a steal – opt out of buying those pricey Starbucks lattes three mornings a month, and you’re covered!

Everything SimpliSafe uses for its coverage is wireless. You’ll get set up with a Starter package to begin, which includes a base station, wireless keypad, an entry sensor, keychain remote and motion sensor, which is enough to get anyone started. Each item is svelte, clean-looking and easy to use as well, and there’s no difficult process to get it all working. It also looks great in your home, no matter how you’ve chosen to decorate!

There are a variety of different packages you can purchase if you decide SimpliSafe is for you as well, with a selection of various equipment including core components and a la carte security needs depending on how your home is built.

SimpliSafe offers comprehensive coverage

SimpliSafe offers whole home protection, no matter the situation. Fire alarms can sound to get your family out of a burning home and call the fire department to get firefighters to your house quickly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, it can even warn you if your pipes are about ready to freeze and burst. If they do happen to burst, or you simply have water damage on the way, SimpliSafe can help protect you by warning you about those things, too!

But what about when criminals come calling? SimpliSafe excels at getting visuals of anyone trying to break into your home. Using SimpliSafe’s various camera setups, you can watch what happens in an emergency, capture the evidence you need to prosecute and lock away criminals, and tap into a stream of your home through the camera anytime for free. And if your dog or cat happens to walk by or get in the camera and sensors’ field of view? Don’t worry – SimpliSafe is built to detect human heat signatures, not those from your pets.

SimpliSafe uses a wide variety of different types of security mechanisms to keep you safe, as well. From sensors that can tell whether you’ve left a door or window open to long-range sensors that almost never need new batteries, the company has you covered from top to bottom with things you don’t even have to think about. It just works – and you don’t have to worry.

Factor in SimpliSafe’s setup that requires no commitments, no contracts and affordable monitoring that’s a step up from the rest of the competition. You’ve also got one of the easiest, most dependable services out there on the market.

What are you waiting for? Crime never rests – so don’t give it even a second with SimpliSafe’s varied products. Make sure you’ve got peace of mind to jump-start your 2019 with some of SimpliSafe‘s easy-to-use security products.

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