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Stylish glasses that are easy on the eyes

Think about all the time you spend staring at screens every day, whether it’s your work computer, smartphone, tablet or TV. Let’s be honest, It might be easier to figure out just how much time you’re not looking at screens.

For years, we’ve heard warnings that too much screen time could really affect our eyes. Eyestrain and blurred vision are a couple of possible side effects.

That’s why some eyeglass makers have been trying to find ways to alleviate the discomfort that can come with hours and hours of screen time. The most common solution? Yellow lenses. Well, yellow lenses aren’t exactly stylish and they don’t always provide the relief they promise.

One company is trying to fix this problem with game-changing technology. Felix Gray created blue light-filtering and glare-eliminating lenses to keep your eyes happy in today’s screen-filled world.

One of us here at was able to try a pair of Felix Gray glasses out, and she loved them! Here’s her review.

One Komando staffer shares her personal Felix Gray experience

As a media professional for over 20 years, I’ve had issues with eye strain and dry and itchy eyes. Back when my career began I had one large computer monitor that took up most of my desk, but somehow had a tiny square screen that I’d stare at for at least eight hours a day.

Throughout my days in school, I had great eyesight and didn’t need glasses. It only took a couple of years working on that monstrosity of a monitor before I started getting headaches every day. I could count on my eyes getting dry and itchy around 3 o’ clock every afternoon.

When my eyes first started feeling irritated, I blamed it on the mascara I wore and figured I had sensitive eyes. That is, until a coworker suggested I get my eyes checked and that staring at a computer could cause headaches if I needed glasses.

I’ve been wearing glasses ever since, and over the years my eyes have had to adjust from small to large screens, and now to two screens. The number of hours I stare at my monitors has increased, too. I’m up to about 10 hours every day.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a pair of Felix Gray eyeglasses and jumped at the chance to compare them to what I’ve been wearing.

I went to the Felix Gray website and chose the Jemison frames in black because they are bold and chic. I love glasses that make a statement. Even better, my eyes have never felt this good!

When I got the glasses I was excited to put them on and see how they looked. Once I put them on, I totally forgot about my appearance because my eyes felt different.

I actually took the glasses off because my vision was so clear and I didn’t have the tightness along my eye line that I had grown accustomed to. After putting them on and taking them off a few times, I realized this lack of strain is the Felix Gray difference — the lens technology it incorporates in its eyewear.

My eyes had been showing signs of strain for years but I didn’t realize it until I experienced Felix Gray glasses. If you’re like me and stare at screens all day, those glasses you’re wearing might not be doing you any favors.

I wore my Felix Gray glasses every single day and night for the past few months and I absolutely love them! My eyes feel amazing; no more irritation or dryness. Now, when I put my other glasses on I can feel the strain across my eye line for the first few hours.

The relief I felt with my Felix Gray glasses was immediate. It didn’t matter if I wore the Felix Gray glasses for 1 or 10 hours, my eyes always felt strained when I went back to my other glasses.

The Felix Gray difference

So, what is the secret behind Felix Gray eyewear that makes them superior to their counterparts? It’s all about the lens technology.

Blue light filtration

Blue light is emitted by those screens you’re staring at all day. It is a high-energy light that can have negative impacts on our health. Studies show overexposure to blue light may be linked to eye strain, increased risk of macular degeneration and sleep cycle disruption.

Felix Gray lenses filter blue light, particularly the highest energy wavelengths.

Anti-glare & UV protection

Not many people know that to prevent their eyes from being damaged by UV light, it’s not only sunglasses that can offer effective protection — clear lenses can also get the job done.

Just because sunglasses have dark lenses, tint or glare protection, it doesn’t mean they offer excellent protection against UV radiation. UV protection has little to do with depth, tint or glare protection.

If your lenses feature a low-quality UV filter, wearing them can actually do more harm than good. That’s because dark lenses let less light through, causing the pupil to dilate. So, if your lenses have low UV protection, it can actually damage the cornea, conjunctiva and ultimately parts of the inner eye, such as the lens and retina.

Besides glare protection, a good UV blocker is the most important feature of any sunglasses. Clear lenses should also have a UV filter in order to protect against radiation damage. If there’s no UV protection, our eyes can become damaged.

I’m so glad I got the chance to review Felix Gray; I thought I was taking care of my eyes before, but now I actually am. One thing I know for sure is it’s hard to have a bad day in my Felix Gray glasses.

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