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Sponsor: 3 real threats to your social media data

Think back to when you first set up your Facebook profile. For many of us, it was years ago and since then we’ve filled our accounts with a plethora of status updates, images and videos.

But what would happen if everything we’ve added to our social media accounts disappeared forever? It’s more likely to happen than you might realize. Here are three ways your data could be lost in a heartbeat.

1. Profile hacking

Unfortunately, one of the most likely ways you could lose everything stored in your social media account is if your profile gets hacked. You might not think it will happen to you, but it’s actually extremely common. Just think about how many times you’ve received a private message or seen a post from someone stating “My account has been hacked, please ignore any new Friend request.”

Click here to read about the Facebook scam where hackers can access your account using your old phone number.

What puts you at risk?

There are several factors that can make it relatively easy for hackers to guess your login credentials. The first one is your password. If it’s too simple, or if you use the same one for multiple accounts, hackers can easily crack this information. Click here to learn one password mistake to avoid and what you should do instead.

The second is if you haven’t set up two-factor authentication on your account to add an extra layer of protection. And yet another is if you’ve accessed your account without using a VPN while browsing the web on a public Wi-Fi network. The point is, if you’re not being careful, it’s really not that hard for hackers to steal your login credentials. And, once they’re in, all they have to do is change your password to lock you out of your own account.

2. The jealous ex

Most of the time, the person who causes trouble by hacking your account is going to be someone you know. Maybe it’s a friend who was looking over your shoulder while you logged in. Or maybe it’s someone even closer, like an ex-husband or ex-wife, ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Beyond changing the settings for your Facebook memories, it’s also a good idea to update your security settings. Whenever you part ways with someone who had access to your account logins, it’s critical that you take the time to change all your passwords.

A jealous ex can lock you out of your account just as easily as a hacker. Then, they can take total control, meaning they can delete your photo albums and videos, and even post inappropriate content on your Timeline.

3. Whoops, that was an accident!

Losing your data isn’t always the result of malicious intentions. Sometimes, it’s just a big accident. Maybe you let your toddler play with your iPad and forgot the Instagram app was open. Or maybe you just acted too quickly and accidentally tapped the wrong button.

We get it, life happens. But that still doesn’t fix the sudden sting after you’ve lost all of your data.

Make sure you’re covered

This is why we highly recommend that you back up your data with our sponsor, IDrive. Most backup services only cover one device and don’t support backups of your social media data. But IDrive is different. For around $5 per month, you can cover up to five of your gadgets (Apple, Android, Windows, you name it!) and even accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re already using another backup service, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your service provider backup multiple computers and mobile devices into one account for one fee?
  • Does it have built-in support for Snapshots to restore data from a point-in-time to easily recover from a ransomware attack?
  • Does it offer Sync and cloud storage functionality in addition to backup?
  • Does it have block-level incremental backup and restore to optimize transfer speed?
  • Does it support private key encryption for all devices, including mobile?
  • Does it backup mapped drives?
  • Does it offer MS Exchange/MS SQL and other advanced backup functions for small businesses?
  • Does it provide 24/7 support including voice during regular business hours?

If your backup service doesn’t offer you the absolute best protection, then it’s time to make the switch now. This year is IDrive’s 10-year anniversary, which makes it an even better time to sign up. Kim Komando listeners can save up front! Click here and get 50 percent off when they use promo code KIM at checkout.

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