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Wi-Fi Analyzer
Tech tips

See Wi-Fi like never before

Wi-Fi is a great way to move around your house with your laptop or tablet and still stay connected to the Internet. Of course, you might find some corners of your house where Wi-Fi doesn’t work.

There are a number of reasons for this, from poor router placement to interference from other routers. But how do you know?

Wifi Analyzer is a free app that can tell you that information and more. Just fire it up and you can see the routers in your area.

Even better, there’s a strength chart that updates as you move around your house. You can see where your Wi-Fi signal is strong and where it’s weak. It also shows the strengths of other routers nearby and what channels they’re using.

If you spot a router on the same channel as yours but stronger, you have a problem. You can also just flip over to the channel rating screen to see what the app thinks is the best channel for your router.

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