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Satellite images of Earth
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Cool site: How to get a high-res satellite photo of your favorite place

Satellite images of our little blue planet can dazzle even the most jaded among us. How cool would it be to see the best of our world through the eyes of a giant?

That brings us to a very cool website. SkyFi is a tool that lets you explore the world from space, and you can even order a photo of any coordinates on the planet for $175.

These photos are gorgeous, high-res and perfect on your wall or as a gift. Think about having a fantastic photograph from space of your corner of the world.

How to get satellite photos of your house

The SkyFi web tool is an interactive map where you can bop in and out of the many places there are to be on Earth. Trust us. It’s easy to spend plenty of time doing this.

To get the image you’re after, all you have to do is hit the black Order New Image button on the Explore sidebar tab. You’ll then be asked to input your specifications, including:

  • The day or days you’d like the image to be captured.
  • The details of the acquired file. For example, video or still image. Plus a few more beta options that aren’t available yet.
  • The resolution of the image.

The base price for your image will be $175. Depending on your desired resolution and image area, it may top out at $3,500 or $7,000. A pretty penny, indeed. But talk about one of the most incredible gifts of all time.

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More ways to make them (or you!) smile

If you’re already sold, you can use the web tool to stake your claim. It’s an incredible resource if you’re a virtual tourist at heart, and you’ll be guaranteed to see a lot of cool stuff, even if you’re just clicking around.

For a few tips and tricks to explore the world through Google Maps, tap or click here.

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