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3 tricks to breathe new life into your old PC

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Presented by Solve iQ - Goodbye, frustrations. Hello, possible.

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When you’ve used the same computer for a long time, it’s easy to become frustrated by the same old problems. Maybe your PC takes five minutes to boot up. Maybe you’ve come to associate your laptop with the daily drudgery of work.

That’s why we put together three tricks to revitalize your relationship with your computer. Now you can revive that excitement you felt when you first bought your device. Just follow these steps to make it run faster.

Plus, you’ll learn how to personalize your PC with some fun effects. Check it out!

1. Clean up your Start Menu

One of the biggest problems you’ll run into is a stuffy start menu. If you’ve got the Windows 10 start menu — which you should, since Windows 7 no longer has security updates — you have a lot of clutter to deal with.

By default, its start menu lists every item that’s been installed. You’ll also see About features, readme files, uninstall options and apps you’ll never use. Here’s the trick to clean it up.

First, tap on the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen. Then, scroll to the top with three horizontal lines.

This opens your All Apps list, which contains folders and shortcuts for all the apps and software messing up your start menu. Scroll down and you’ll probably see many apps you don’t even need.

Right-click on the app you want to delete and tap uninstall. Here’s what your screen will look like:

Repeat these steps for any of the apps you want to scrub away from your start menu. Soon enough, you won’t have to look at random apps every time you open your menu. Now it should look squeaky clean!

Here’s another step to take.

2. Limit what happens on startup

Every time you boot up your computer, dormant programs come to life. You might not even need some of these programs. Here’s how you can stop them from waking up and gobbling up your limited space.

First, enter Startup Apps in the search bar at the bottom left of your home screen. Then, open the Startup Apps window. From there, you’ll see all the programs that automatically run whenever you boot up your PC.

See a program you want to turn off? Just toggle the bar to Off. Here’s an example:

Make sure you don’t remove essential programs, like antivirus software. These apps may not run properly if you disable them on startup.

3. Jazz up your user interface

One great way to spruce up your PC is to play with the personalization settings. You can choose an accent color to customize Windows 10, but a recent update also brings a cool twist. You can switch between Light or Dark as the default mode — or the default app modes!

To switch between Light or Dark Mode:

  • Select Start in the bottom left corner
  • Click Settings (the gear icon)
  • Select Personalization, then click Colors in the left menu
  • Under Choose your color, you can select either Light or Dark mode, or a combination of both

Once you’re there, you can choose a special accent color for all your windows.

Pro tip: Access this even faster with your mouse. Right-click on your desktop and select Personalize. Then, click Colors to add some flair to your user interface.

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