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How to optimize pages for printing to save ink and paper

Presented by Epson EcoTank

Presented by Epson EcoTank

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There’s nothing worse than running out of ink or printer paper the second you need something important. The best way to avoid this unfortunate fate is to be smart about how you print, especially if you do so daily. Luckily, it’s super easy to do.

Here are a few simple tips for maximizing every sheet and drop of ink when printing at home. (While you’re here, you should also check out our guide on printer security).

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1. Print black in grayscale

Colored printer ink is expensive. When printing black and white documents in color, cyan, magenta and yellow are all used to create a black tone.

To avoid this waste, it’s always best to tailor your printer settings to whatever you are printing. If something like a chart doesn’t need color to convey what it’s trying to illustrate, you might consider nixing the color on it altogether.

2. Preview each document before printing

This simple printer tip ensures you get precisely what you want when printing everything from photos to presentations. 

Not only will you save yourself a repeat if you get it wrong the first time, but you might also be able to reduce paper usage by collating things like images wisely.

3. Scope out reduced or eco-friendly options

Some printers offer settings like draft mode, which instructs the printer to consume fewer resources. Handouts and other documents that don’t rely critically on razor-sharp quality should always take advantage of settings like this.

Newer printers might include environmentally-responsible settings that can accomplish much of the same, including less ink, less paper and more savings. Consult your printer’s manual for the specifics, as these modes may vary by model and brand.

4. When in doubt, change the font

The scanter the font, the less ink it’s going to use. The smaller the font, the less paper you’ll need. Experiment with these two factors to find a balance that helps you save without compromising quality or legibility.

In this vein, it’s also worth noting that being choosier about what you print and what you don’t can also have some impact. Cropping webpages and documents down to only what you need is a great way to help your ink cartridges last longer.

Your home printer, made simple

Printing at home can save you a ton of time and money. And printing your own photos, documents and paper crafts can all be made that much more efficient by sticking to these simple tips.

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