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Smart trick to clean out your cluttered camera roll once and for all

Is your Photos app out of control? You might be able to keep yourself ahead of the game by taking things one day at a time. This simple trick can help clear out extra space on your device and improve its performance, all without wasting too much time or energy.

Read on to learn about our favorite hack for shutterbugs and photo junkies.

How to save space in your photo library

TikToker kaylakerr_ shared this genius smartphone hack with the world, leaving us completely stunned.


it’s also like your own personal TimeHop which is fun

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She recommends choosing a time of day when you’re always free. Five minutes at the end of the day, or perhaps a moment in the morning before you head to work. During this time, tap into your photo app and search for the day you happen to be browsing on, March 25 or July 30, for example.

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Then, you can see every photo you took on that date every year. Two years ago. Four years ago. It doesn’t matter. All pictures you took on the date you searched will be shown. You’ll easily be able to remove anything unnecessary. It makes the task much more manageable, and you’ll notice the results will pile up in no time.

If you’re more ambitious, try searching by month to see even more images. Either way, it’s one of the best methods to keep your phone running smoothly and to ensure you have plenty of space when something truly unforgettable happens.

Keep your digital life organized

Screenshots, downloads, apps you don’t use and more may all be bogging down your phone. Why keep clutter that you’ll never need again?

Doing your due diligence isn’t your only option, though. Tap or click here for photo apps that automatically find and remove duplicate images from your phone.

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