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Perfect unique gift for any reason — the gift of security

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Buying practical gifts for people can be difficult. Not because you mind doing it, but because you want to pick something someone will actually use — and like. It should be something significant, to show that you care.

For the practical gift-giver in you, we have a suggestion that would be perfect gift for newlyweds, high school graduates as they head off to college, your parents who just downsized and bought a new home, or anyone you care about.

Key features of DIY home security systems

Unlike most security systems, SimpliSafe is not just something you buy for someone to use, it’s something you buy for them to own completely. It’s a customizable gift that can meet any budget and fit in any home. In the event that they move or have a change in their situation, they can take it with them and still enjoy all of the benefits that come with it, free of hassle.

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Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or even college graduation, a security system/component from SimpliSafe is a great gift that’s sure to keep your friends and loved ones safe and last a lifetime. With 24/7 monitoring and easy DIY installation, it’s perfect for just about anyone, young or old. And the best part is, there are no contracts. That’s right, no contracts, no hidden fees, no hidden anything.

Security for mom and dad

Get your parents a gift that will keep them protected and give you peace of mind. SimpliSafe is easy to install, easy maintain, and provides professional monitoring at an affordable price. The system can help them keep a close eye on freezing pipes, leaky basements, not to mentioned fire and carbon monoxide protection. You can keep an eye on your parents’ home as well by tuning in through the app or signing up for text or email alerts (with their permission, of course).

A security system is a thoughtful gift. It shows that you want your parents to be safe and secure. You’re looking out for your family as well as their house, and everything in and around. Protecting mom, dad, or an older loved one is a priority and you can show them that it’s one of yours with a gift of SimpliSafe.

Security for newlyweds

Most wedding guests buy gifts to spruce up the home or make living easier. But why not get a gift that will protect the home and all the new fancy gifts they’ve received? A home security system like SimpliSafe might seem a bit out of the ordinary for a wedding gift but consider the long term benefits. It might come handy if they are traveling for their honeymoon, or if they plan on raising a family. In any case, you’ll know that you’re helping to keep the people you care about safe, which can lead to them doing the same in the future.

If you’re buying for someone who is new to home security, you can start them off with SimpliSafe’s starter package or even just a SimpliCam, which works great even without a SimpliSafe. They can then add to their systems later on. If the couple already has a security system for their home, consider expanding it, or covering monitoring for a year or two.

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