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Camping essentials checklist: 5 outdoor must-haves for your next family trip

Who doesn’t have fond memories of camping as a kid? Who does have fond memories of camping as a kid?

Camping and generally hitting the great outdoors isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. But, adults who hated camping as kids might find they love it now. Anything is possible.

Of course, you need the usual camping accouterments: tents, sleeping bags, portable cooking items, bug repellent, etc. So we’ve put together this shopping guide of items you may not realize you need to keep you safe and connected. Get ready, some of them may be on sale soon on Amazon Prime Day.

1. Stay connected with everyone in your group

2. Keep your gadgets charged when you’re nowhere near an outlet

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3. Don’t get lost in the dark again

4. Zoom in tight for the perfect smartphone pictures

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5. Juice up your devices on the go

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