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This site shows how long it’s been since every kind of natural disaster

How many days has humanity gone without its last major tsunami? What about since the previous cataclysmic volcanic eruption or significant gravitational disruption detected? Tap or click here to take advantage of Google disaster alerts.

If you’re into meteorology, storm-chasing, or science in general, you’ll love this cool site we’ve found.’s Days Since Incident is a rolling tally documenting the days it’s been since a number of different types of natural disasters.

The premise is simple, and the truth may shock you. Keep reading to find out how it works.

You’re not going to believe how interesting this site is

To indulge in our latest obsession, visit’s Days Since Incident site and get ready for something scintillating. 

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The order you see each entry will depend on which incident has happened most recently. Usually, the top entry will be reserved for things like solar flares and minor earthquakes (at last account, the most recent one occurred in California approximately 18 minutes before the time we wrote this article).

Scroll down and you’ll see posts for other natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and more.

Keep exploring, and you’ll be treated to more exotic fare the further you go. Megaton asteroid impacts? Check. Lost nuclear warheads? You got it. Is there anything the creators of this site haven’t thought of?

Some of these events haven’t happened in upwards of thousands of years. Others change daily, making this site a must-bookmark for whenever you’re bored and interested in the goings-on of the world.

All of these entries include links for reference, which means the learning never has to stop, even when you’ve checked them all.

Mostly, we appreciate the perspective this website affords us. It’s the little things that make us authentically gracious. Check it out for yourself!

This is why we love the internet

This site was a journey, one that should not be missed. At the bottom of the site, you’ll also find a few other fun ways to pass the time, including trivia games and even a flash game that challenges you to design the next iPhone. Yes, we’re serious. It’s awesome.

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