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Here’s how to mute those loud and annoying tabs in a cinch

Did you know you can mute messages in your Gmail inbox? So you want to stop seeing someone’s messages in your inbox but don’t want to block them. You don’t want to delete the messages if you need to reply later. That’s where the mute function comes in. Here’s how it works.

Here’s something that’s happened to all of us. You’re browsing the web on your computer at home or work and open a tab that starts blasting music or an ad. It’s quite a jarring experience. How do you shut it up without closing it or muting your whole system? Here’s a quick trick you’ll use again and again.

Sound out of nowhere

Many websites have autoloading ads or music that start as soon as you visit them and can pop up again anytime. Let’s say you open a tab and it immediately starts playing a video ad with music and dialogue. You quickly stop the video and return to whatever you are doing, but another video begins playing.

Here’s another scenario: You keep a tab open with your favorite streaming site playing tunes. It helps you relax while working or shopping, or socializing online. At some point, someone walks into the room or your phone rings and you need to silence the music.

In either case, stopping the noise means opening the offending tab and pressing the stop or pause button. And if it’s an ad, you’ll have to scroll through the website to find that little embedded video. How annoying!

But don’t despair. There’s a quick way to mute any tab without leaving the page you’re on, and it works on every major browser. Here’s how.

Mute tabs in Google Chrome

Right-click on any audio playing tab and choose Mute site from the dropdown menu. This will stop any audio from playing in the tab until you right-click the tab and select Unmute site.

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Mute tabs in Firefox

Firefox displays a speaker button on the noisy tab when a sound starts playing. Click on that button to turn the sound off or on for that tab.

Mute tabs in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge displays a speaker icon when a tab is playing sound. Just click on that icon to mute or unmute that tab.

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Mute tabs in Safari

Safari’s another easy one. Just click the audio button on the right side of the tab in the tab bar to mute or unmute a tab.

Mute tabs in Opera

Look for an animated audio-level icon to the left of the noisy tab. Hover your mouse over it and it changes to a speaker icon. Click on that to mute or unmute the sound.

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