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Is your Gmail inbox out of control? This assistant can help

As more people are working from home, many are living under the thumb of their email. It can be a struggle to sort through the daily deluge of messages and find out exactly what’s worth responding to and what’s simply another notification you need to dismiss. Luckily, there’s a service out there that works with your current Gmail account and helps to tame your inbox.

Considering how long most people have had their Gmail account, it’s easy to understand how inboxes can become bloated. Gmail has been around forever, but it’s still being updated regularly. Tap or click for a Gmail feature added this year that will save you time.

Whether you want to control when you get emails, cut down on spam, or just schedule some email-free time, we’ve found the perfect Gmail assistant that does all that and more. Keep reading for all the details on cleaning up your inbox.

A new, powerful email assistant

Simply named Mailman, this recently launched email assistant is the latest in a long line of tools aimed at upgrading the traditional email experience. Keep in mind, the service isn’t free and will run you $8.99 a month. But there is a generous 45-day free trial to see if you like how it works.

The big issue with these types of tools has been they often require users to switch over to a new email platform entirely, forcing people to create new email addresses. Not with Mailman. The service works by connecting to your Google account so it can view and modify email on your pre-existing Gmail.

Once given permission to access your Gmail, Mailman can do quite a few things with it:

  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Need an email break? Set times where all your email will be held back.
  • Delivery Slots: Instead of getting every new email as soon as it’s sent to you, select from different delivery slots.
    • Get mail delivered a certain number of times a day; at a regular interval; or within defined hours.
  • The VIP List: Let emails from select contacts always get through so you never miss something important.
  • Block Unimportant Emails: Customize what emails you receive from which senders, cutting down on unwanted emails you have to sort.
    • Every day Mailman sends you a digest of all blocked emails, which you can look through and choose senders to block or allow in the future.

These tools can empower anyone to clean up a bloated, overflowing Gmail inbox. But if you think your current email is just too far gone to take back, there are many other email services that aren’t run by Google. Tap or click here if you’re over Gmail and ready for a different way to get email.

How to use Mailman

Once you connect your Google account to Mailman, you’re ready to get started using the app’s core features: Do Not Disturb mode, Delivery Slots, and the VIP List. The first time you load up Mailman the app will take you on a virtual tour of the service to get you started, but we’ll go over how to use its primary features.

Do Not Disturb Mode

  1. From the Mailman homepage, click Manage delivery
  2. Toggle on Do Not Disturb
  3. Choose your hours
  4. Click Save changes

Delivery Slots

  1. From the Mailman homepage, click Manage delivery
  2. Select between email delivery at a certain interval, a number of times per day, or entirely on your own schedule
    1. Once selected, you can customize your deliveries by choosing your interval, selecting how many times a day you want email delivered, or by setting up your own custom schedule
  3. Click Save changes

The VIP List

  1. From the Mailman homepage, click Manage VIPs
  2. Create VIPs by domain, email address, or keyword
  3. Click Save changes

With that, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner, simpler Gmail inbox. No matter how clean your inbox gets, you won’t be able to stop Google from spying on you. Tap or click here to find out exactly how much information Google has on you.

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