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Get pictures of your USPS mail before it’s delivered

Snail mail is famous for being inferior to email. Now, the speed gap will grow even further, thanks to a plan from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. In order to cut costs, the U.S. Postal Service’s three-day delivery for first-class mail will now take around five days.

In other words, your mail will be delivered slower from now on. This new standard started on Oct. 1, so there may be some growing pains. You might even forget to check your mailbox. Tap or click here to see six things to buy now ahead of this year’s Black Friday shortages.

Luckily, I know an insider tech secret you can use to get the post office to send you an email so you don’t miss anything important. It even comes with pictures of your mail. Overall, it’s a great way to keep track of your mail.

Use the Informed delivery tool

At the United States Postal Service website, you’ll see an option on the homepage to sign up for what’s called “Informed Delivery.” This service sends residential and P.O. box customers greyscale digital images of the packages arriving that day.

You’ll see the front of the envelope. You can also manage any packages arriving, leave delivery instructions or even reschedule a delivery.

But you’ll only see the first 10 pieces of mail in that email. To see the rest, sign in to your account at Or you can forego the email altogether and use the USPS app for informed delivery.

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