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Free PDF editing software can hide malware – Try this trustworthy option

There are plenty of free browser-based solutions, but these convenient tools don’t always live up to the industry’s best. Of course, we’re talking about Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop and others that come at a steep premium.

Great PDF software doesn’t have to be super fancy. We love a job well done, with few errors and easy delivery, download, share or publish options. Tap or click here to see some of our other favorite PDF tools online.

ILovePDF is one do-it-all PDF tool that can take care of pretty much any PDF-related task on your plate. Read on, never to find yourself messing around with an expired Acrobat subscription again.

Is there anything ILovePDF can’t do?

ILovePDF is much more than just a browser-based PDF editor. You can download the app for your desktop or phone, but it works just as well through Safari, Chrome or any other browser you use.

To use ILovePDF, all you have to do is visit the site. On its homepage, you’ll see many options, which will likely be familiar to anybody who frequently works with PDF documents. This PDF web app enables you to do all of the following and more:

  • Edit PDF documents
  • Sign PDFs
  • Rotate PDF documents
  • Merge PDF documents
  • Split PDF documents
  • Compress PDF documents
  • Convert PDF documents to Word, Powerpoint or Excel documents
  • Convert Word, Powerpoint or Excel documents to PDF documents
  • Convert PDF documents to JPG images
  • Convert PDF documents to HTML
  • Add a watermark to PDF documents
  • Add page numbers to PDF documents
  • Unlock or protect PDF documents
  • Repair a PDF document

If you’ve been stuck with these tasks without the right PDF software to carry them out, this website will almost certainly be a sight for sore eyes. Things like text replacement, annotations, highlighting, and even adding new media to a PDF now take no time.

ILovePDF makes these simple tools easy to use and readily available from any device. Only one question remains: what happens to your document after you finish?

How to export your new PDF

When finished editing a PDF, hit the big Export PDF button at the bottom. The site will generate your new document, and you can download it to your computer directly if desired.

After finalizing edits, you’ll also be able to compress the PDF, merge it with another, protect it, split it, convert it, or add your final watermark.

Other handy options include the ability to share a QR code or a Google Docs-style sharing link, saving it to your Dropbox account and adding it to your Google Drive. You may also share it with any social media network, including Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

These protected documents can often be a hiccup in one’s productivity pipeline. Thankfully, with tools like ILovePDF in your back pocket, you’ll never be locked out of something important again.

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