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If you love flying on a luxury private jet, this is exactly what you need

Why do we fly private? If you were to pose this question to a group of frequent private flyers, a majority would say, for the luxury, the speed, or the convenience. The only question remains, which company is geared to deliver the best of each?

Now, let’s be honest, luxury and speed are par for the course when it comes to flying privately. Whether for work or play, you expect to get to where you’re going in style and in the shortest time. Convenience, on the other hand, is measured in different terms and must be provided from start to finish. Specifically, when it comes to the booking and chartering process.

This is something our high-flying sponsor, ONEflight, has prided itself on for nearly a decade. With its unique tech solutions and commitment to customer experience it’s clear that it has made convenience the focal point of its business.

Here’s how.

ONEflight’s one goal

Since its inception in 2010, ONEflight has made it the primary objective to change/enhance the landscape of the private jet industry by reducing costs, focusing on clients, and redefining what the term, ‘first class’, really means.

It believes you shouldn’t have to own a jet in order to enjoy all the amenities and comfort that comes with it. ONEflight absorbs all of the burden and cost that comes with owning a private jet and allows you to enjoy the overall experience of your private flight, without having to worry about what comes next after you land.

ONEFlight’s arrival on the scene came with impeccable timing. It’s no secret the industry itself has hit a few speed bumps over the years, especially when it comes to productivity.

It’s a problem that it’s been dealing with for the past 25 years and it seemed as if they were kicking the same can down the road ever since. Out of the 5,000 private flights operating on a daily basis, about 1,500 (or 30%) of them were flying passenger-less.

So, with prices rising and the number of passengers falling, the private jet industry found itself staring into the abyss. Thankfully, ONEflight stepped in and remedied the problem with a rather unique technology-based solution.

ONEflight’s Book a jet Program

In 2017, ONEflight initiated its Book a Jet (Baj) Program. Baj is an online booking tool that allows users to search, select, and book private flights with ease.

The website enables clients to create a profile that grants them access to a network that features roughly 12,000 domestic luxury jets to choose from. All of which are available through the top 500 rated charter operators across the industry. By using the program, members pay between 30 – 40% less than the standard industry rate.

With so many options to choose from, clients who join the program can select the aircraft that best suits their specific needs, budget, and schedule. Travelers now have the ability to compare the ratings of different jets, compare between prices, and assess based on size and style.

Additionally, clients can enter their travel details and browse available jets both from interior and exterior photos. Once users have chosen the jet that meets their needs, they can book and pay instantly through the secure website.

Private travelers can put their mind at ease and feel confident that the planes they book online using BAJit meet the strictest safety standards. ONEflight organizes travel in close partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and each plane must satisfy all FAA regulations.

Booking private jet travel will be even easier for users with the upcoming BAJit phone app. Until then, clients can utilize to book private flights with ease and free of hassle. President and CEO of ONEflight International, Ferren Rajput, concludes, “It will soon become the new norm for booking private jets.”

If you’re looking for the best private jet travel experience in the game, we recommend that you take flight…with Oneflight.

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