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5 essential features that make this backup service the right choice

Presented by IDrive

Presented by IDrive

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Whether it’s the work computer in your office or the one at home for personal use, you’re probably storing much more data than you realize. Tax records, important documents, family photos and videos all take up lots of space.

Chances are, you won’t realize just how important that data is until it’s suddenly gone. That’s why we’re happy to let you know about our sponsor, IDrive. Save 50% on 2 TB of cloud backup now!

There are tons of threats out there that can wipe your devices or leave your files inaccessible when you need them. Some of these threats may seem far-fetched but trust us, you won’t be thinking that when they happen to you.

Ransomware, in particular, can strike anyone. All it takes is one accidental click of a malicious link.

IDrive allows you to back up all your PCs, Macs and mobile devices into ONE account. Let me share what sets IDrive apart from the rest, and why I’m recommending you make the switch. Here are the top five reasons to switch to IDrive.

1. Speed

IDrive Express is a service personal customers can use free once per year, and business customers can use three times annually without being charged. This service is part of IDrive Express Backup and gives you an additional option for recovering your files.

With IDrive Express, you can quickly transfer large amounts of data to your online account without having to go through a tedious process. Just put in the request and IDrive will ship you a physical hard drive with everything that you need.

You can use this service if you’re just getting started with IDrive and need to get your records online quickly. This can especially save time for business owners or people who have several devices.

2. Reliability

Obviously, backing up a single device doesn’t cut it anymore. What about your phone? Your tablet? Your laptop? What about your hard drive and your family’s devices?

You need something that reliably protects everything within a single account. With IDrive, you can securely protect data on all these devices from one cloud account for one low price.

IDrive performs a reliable backup of open or locked files, such as Outlook files (.pst), QuickBooks and MS Excel. It also supports backups for mapped and external hard drives. And you can link your devices with IDrive to sync all your files across them in real-time.

3. Downtime

With the MS SQL Server Backup, you can back up your data securely with no downtime. The IDrive application uses the embedded capabilities of MS SQL Server’s functions for fast and reliable backup and restore.

Backup – Easily configure the online backup through the Graphical User Interface and schedule it for a future date and time. Ensure you have sufficient space on your computer as the data is first backed-up to a temporary directory on your computer.

Restore – Restore functions include point-in-time recovery of the specified databases. You need appropriate privileges to perform the backup and restore operations.

4. Security

Customers’ data is protected by using robust security measures, including strong encryption during data transmission and storage, an optional private encryption key, password data protection and world-class data centers with restricted physical access.

IDrive uses bullet-proof 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data during transfer and storage. This means your files are scrambled before they get uploaded to IDrive’s cloud servers and remain encrypted until you access them.

To further protect your data, IDrive offers an option that will ensure the utmost privacy — a personal encryption key. By creating your own private key that not even IDrive has access to, no one but you can access your files.

5. Recovery

IDrive Snapshots allows you to recover your data from a specific point in time. With this feature, you can view a historical timeline of your backups and select a specific date to recover from.

This is critical for protecting your systems from threats like ransomware. If your files get encrypted, just select a restore point before the infection hit and you will get all your data back. To top it off, your Snapshots have no impact on your IDrive account’s available storage space.

Are you protected by IDrive yet?

If you haven’t already signed up for IDrive, or haven’t made the switch from your other backup service, now is the time to move.

IDrive lets you back up all of your devices, whether you have a Mac, PC, Android, iPad or iPhone, and you can conveniently manage your backups through a single online account.

IDrive is also affordable. Save 50% on 2 TB of cloud backup now!

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