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How to use Windows 10’s Disk Quota to manage user storage

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has so many cool, hidden features that you could never possibly use all of them. That’s why it’s so important for us to tell you about key features that you might not discover on your own.

The features we love most are the ones that help you solve a problem that’s been bugging you for years. One persistent problem with PCs and laptops is running out of storage.

You can never get enough of it. Worse, unless you’re an IT tech, it’s usually difficult to manage your computer’s storage – “How much space is left?” and “How do I free up space?” are very common concerns.

You’ve been trying to figure that out for decades. Good news – this step-by-step Windows 10 tip will help you put limits on storage use before you run out of it.

It’s called Disk Quota. It’s Microsoft’s way of letting you put caps on how much storage each person in your home (or office) uses on your Windows 10 computer.

What is Disk Quota?

With Windows 10, your family can set up multiple accounts on one computer. In other words, if you have a PC or laptop in your office or family room that anyone can use, you create separate accounts for each user.

That way, when you log in, you each have the files, folders, photos and so on that you use every day. Your spouse, children and grandkids can have their own virtual space on your computer.

That’s beneficial because no one is messing around with your data. Could you imagine sitting down to work at home, for instance, to find someone accidentally deleted your work files?

Of course, you can. That happens all the time!

However, there is one issue with having multiple accounts. Everyone can use as much storage space on your PC or laptop as they want.

That can lead to headaches, frustration and arguments. The good news is, Quota provides a solution.

In Windows 10, you can set up one of two quotas on your computer’s storage space: volume or account. Volume sets a single limit on how much storage space all users can use while account sets limits on how much storage space each family member can use.

This is really useful to manage your storage space. Quota will alert you when you are running out of it.

Step-By-Step Instructions

If you’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows operating system for years (or decades!), you know that most features can be found by clicking on the Start button. That’s the Windows icon in the lower-left side of your screen.

To set up Quota, so you can put a cap on each family member’s storage limit, start by clicking on that Windows icon. Then, open File Explorer.

That’s where you can find just about everything on your computer. When you click the Start button, you’ll see a little file folder icon on the left side of your screen – click on that.

Look for This PC and click on that. Next, find Devices and Drivers >> select the drive you want to manage, most likely C: — your hard-drive.

Right-click on C: and click on Properties. That’s where you’ll find Quota. (See image below.)

Click on Quota >> Show Quota Settings >> Enable Quota Management. This will bring you to the point where you can set up storage usage caps, or quotas.

You’ll want to put a checkmark next to Enable Quota Management. Then, put a checkmark next to Deny Disk Space to Users Exceeding Quota Limit.


Next, click on Quota Entries. You can either select an existing account or create a New Quota Entry.


From here, click on the Advanced button in the lower-left side of the pop-up box. Select Find Now >> find the account you’re placing a storage quota on.

Click on OK twice >> choose the quota in Limit Disk Space >> choose what the quota will be >> Apply >> OK.

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