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Tech essential: How to take a screenshot on your iPhone

A lot of wonderful moments in our lives happen on our phone screens. We spot a perfect frame in a video, finally beat the hardest level of a favorite game, or get a heartwarming text message from a friend. This is when a screenshot comes in handy.

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Taking a screenshot on your iPhone is a way to save a moment for posterity or capture an image so you can share it with friends or family, whether through a message, an email, or on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a snapshot of whatever is happening on your iPhone display at the time.

The method needed for taking a screenshot will depend on what type of iPhone you have, but the process is simple once you know what to do.

Screenshots on iPhone X and later

When Apple introduced the iPhone X and its recent follow-ups, owners had to get used to a world without a home button. The lack of a physical home button also meant a change in how you take a screenshot.

Here’s the method: Press and hold the button on the right side of your iPhone. While holding it down, press the volume-up button on the left side of the phone. Release both buttons. This method will work with the iPhone X and each model released since.

If you got your timing right, the screen will flash and you may hear a camera shutter sound if your volume is up. Your screenshot will appear as a thumbnail image in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. You can tap on the image to take a look and add text if you like.

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Screenshots on iPhone 8 and earlier

There are still plenty of iPhones in use that have a standard Home button. If you have one of those, then taking a screenshot involves using this button.

Press on the top or side button of your phone and hold it down. Quickly click the Home button and then release both. As with newer phones, a screenshot thumbnail will show up in the lower left-hand corner of the display.

Share your screenshot

Once the screenshot thumbnail appears, you can press on it and hold it to access quick sharing options. Depending on the apps you have installed, you will likely see options to share the image via email, text message, or through a social media network like Instagram or Twitter.

If you prefer to dismiss the thumbnail immediately rather than share it, then just swipe it away to the left.

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Mark up your screenshot

Now that you have your screenshot, you can tap on the thumbnail to add text or drawings using Apple’s Markup feature.

Tapping the plus sign lets you add text or shapes, like an arrow or a speech bubble, to the image. You can also choose to draw freehand with different pen shapes and colors, or simply crop the image. You can add some funny commentary or highlight part of the image with a circle before you share it.

You can always go back and look at your screenshots through your Photos app, which also gives you access to Markup and sharing options, just like with a regular image. Screenshots can be a fun and helpful tool, and you can find plenty of creative ways to put them to use.

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